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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 23: Day 3

If you didn't get a chance to see the comment on yesterday's post - the "LJ Challenge", uhm, challenger reported a weigh-in!  He has lost 9.3 pounds and I have lost 6...of the 30 required to WIN!  Fun.  Way to go, LJ!  I was totally going to send out an email or Facebook message to ask, but I promptly forgot.

This has been happening a lot, to be honest.  I know I've mentioned my extreme forgetfulness before, but it sort of seems to be getting ridiculous.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a motivating quickie.  Mainly for myself.  I have been SO down and frustrated lately and I really think it's been affecting my life as a whole.  Not just in the weight loss area.  Yesterday I found myself snacking on crackers (at least they were whole wheat, right?) dipped in Nutella.  Oh, why on earth did I buy the jar of Nutella?  It's so freakin' good.  Mmmmmmm. 

Back to business.  :)  As I am snacking and rolling my eyes at my sweet baby girl screaming once again - we are having "nap refusal" week, apparently - I thought, you know why your damn weight isn't moving, missy???  It's because you are not even HALF as focused as you were in the first several weeks!  You think running and working out justifies extra snacking, which is one of the reasons this weight loss fight has been lost so many times before!  Yes, you look great.  Yes, you have come a long way...but look at all these blogs out there of women who have lost 80, 90, 100+ pounds and are still doing great!  190 is NOT a comfortable weight, no matter what I tell myself.  170 is comfortable.  But that is still 20 pounds away, lady.  SO GET ON IT.

I can be a little blunt when it comes to internal speak.  :)  My point is this - yes, I'm trying out Jackie Warner's 2 week Jump Start, and yes she says you can "eat what you want", but this doesn't mean I have to throw all my knowledge out the window.  This doesn't mean "eat when you aren't hungry", it doesn't mean "eat when the kids are whining".  It simply means, choose from these items when you are hungry.  When you have eaten these items and become hungry again, then eat.  Until you are NO LONGER HUNGRY.  I think my "hungry" meter was broken a long, long time ago...but it doesn't mean it's not fixable!

Okay, that's all for today.  This morning's run was fantastic...my legs were kinda burning because I mapped a new route with some great hills, but it was a good burn.  I have 2 or 3 more runs to do in these shoes because last night I ordered some fabulous, awesome new running shoes!!  I am so excited. 

Super cool, right???

Well, it sounds like the wild bunch is up and ready to fight...time to get to referreeing!

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  1. Cute shoes!!! Every once in a while its good to give yourself a stern talking to. But don't beat yourself up too much. You've come a long way and are a great motivation!!!

  2. Thanks!! I am finding motivation in your blog, as well. I put that new "ticker" up above showing the 32 pounds to go to help refuel my fire. November is going to be here before I know it and I really, really want to reach my goal by then...so I can CHILL for T-giving and Xmas. :)


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