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Friday, July 29, 2011

Week 24: Day 5

Good morning!

I truly don't have anything to say today.  :)  I just wanted to update everyone to let you know I currently have 5 people in the Slim Fast Challenge!!  I'm going to rename that today. 

Anyway, we have 5 contenders.  I will list everyone's names (some real, some fake) in Sunday's blog.  This is the day we will start, so don't forget to send me your starting weight!  If we get at least 8 total contenders, I will get something awesome as a prize.  Probably a piece of jewelry?  I have a friend who sells Premiere Jewelry and there are some really great pieces...

So, once again, please let me know if you would like to be added to the list!  All you have to do is send me a picture of your scale on Sunday morning (July 31) and then another on Monday, August 15.  Also let me know if you would like to be listed with your real first name or a phony.  ;)

Talk to you soon!!  xoxo

**NOTE:  Slim Fast shakes are on sale at Publix (at least here in Tennessee) - 2 six-packs for just $10!  This is a great deal.  Just FYI.
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  1. I want in! Tell me what week and day I need to go and read about the challenge.

  2. Hmmm I need to know more about this. I most recently decided I wanted to do SlimFast for a couple weeks because I'm sick of everything else.

    I think I'd like to be in, let me go find more info on the challenge you propose.


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