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Friday, July 1, 2011

W20: D5 (July 1)

GOOOOD MORNING!!!  This will be super short for now because it is my big boy, Conner's, 5th birthday!!!!

This boy should be so much older than five at this point.  He has all the height of an older boy, the eye rolling of a teenager, and the smarts of his daddy!  (Ha, ha, ha)  He is a lot of fun and a lot of work, but I love that kid so much it hurts.  I am so excited for him to begin this next chapter in his (and my!) life...kindergarten doesn't know what they are in for!  This morning we (not me) are having cupcakes for breakfast and anxiously waiting for Conner to open his pogo stick present.  :)

This morning I weighed and managed to maintain over this past week.  I shouldn't be "happy" about this, but I totally am.  The run down for the Skinny Dippin' Rally is as follows:

Starting Weight (Audrey):  195.5
Mid-month Weight (Audrey):  191.5
End of the month Weight (Audrey):  188.5

TOTAL LOSS: 7 pounds

I haven't heard from my sister yet (it is awfully early), so I will ask her to post or I will post her results later.  I did not meet my goal, but I am still pleased.  After almost 20 weeks, I have lost 50 pounds.  This has me on track to meet my ultimate goal, which is why I am not discouraged.

I will definitely be posting later because I believe I will have some fun news about a July Challenge!!  It has not yet been named and the terms/goals have not been completely determined, but it will be a fitness challenge instead of a weight challenge.  Yay!!  I promise to stick to Weight Watchers perfectly for at least the next two weeks, but I am considering trying something different at some point.  It should be easier for me to just focus on the marathon training for the next several weeks...we'll see.  I am planning to just follow WW. 

Have a great day!


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