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Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 23: Day 5

Good morning!! 

First things first, my new socks AND shoes came in!!  I will highly recommend Zappos.com to anyone who's looking for shoes...that was some darn fast shipping!  I have exactly one very small issue, however. 

I had no idea the shoes were two different colors?!  I even checked the website again and absolutely NOWHERE is it mentioned...luckily, I don't hate it.  :)

They are growing on me.  Now, the socks pictured go up to my knees and are all-around awesome.  I felt super cool...kinda like a school girl who was pushing the rules.  :)  If I had ever gone to private school, I can guarantee you I wouldn't have done that then.  BUT, as an adult, I have some confidence...and lack of consideration for what others are thinking about me.  It's kinda nice.  Ha, ha.  These socks came in a "set" of 6, all with the black stripes, but the other colors are purple, green, orange, yellow, and red.  Then I got another set of six striped knee-high socks, but those are multi-colored.  I cannot wait to have a little extra money and buy some outfits to go with these combinations!!!  Building my "race wardrobe" is going to take some time, but at the end it will be SO cool.  These shoes are truly the ultimate "minimalist" shoe.  Very thin, VERY light...I was nervous that I may have overlooked their description and maybe they are more for wrestling or walking on the beach, but when I went back to double check they are definitely for running.  Specifically "cross country" running, so to my relatives in California - I may make it there yet!

Dieting wise, I'm going to go out on a limb and anticipate a drop very soon.  I think I said I would weigh on the 27th?  Yeah...the numbers should definitely be down by then.  Something has occurred after being missing for a couple months...I'll stop there, sorry to any boy readers.  ;)  I will also take my measurements that morning, just in case the scale doesn't obey.  I have to mention that the kids have been messing around with it a LOT (I moved it to the kitchen so I wouldn't be so tempted every morning in the bathroom just to sneak a peek)...it's not an excuse, just sayin'. 

Also, I was doing some Googling last night and have found another training program I like!!  I feel like I have only been half following this 10K training...mainly because I'm so excited about the half marathon, I have been increasing the distances even though the training doesn't call for it.  Basically, I'm planning to start Hal Higdon's "Novice-1 Marathon Training" program on August 1st.  It is a plan for training to run a FULL marathon, but at the end of 8 weeks, he recommends doing a half!  August 1st will have me 8 weeks out from the Women's Half Marathon.  WOW.  That is coming up fast!!  I have signed up to do the Tomato Fest 5K, so I will definitely be running in that, but since it's only 3.1 miles and I'm supposed to run 7 that day, I was considering running a couple miles before the race starts.  Not at "race pace", but just jogging or walking a bit as a warm-up.  OR, I could do the race twice!  Ha, ha, ha.  I may be getting ahead of myself.  Since I am actually running this one as a RACE this time (against my time of 28:20 last time), I may be pretty worn out at the end. 

The rest of July's running plan is this:
8 miles (run at least 4)
3 miles run
3 miles run
9 miles (run at least 4.5)
Sundays are still REST days.  In the new training, I will rest on Sundays and Thursdays.  It's very, very similar (same trainer, after all), but only one day of Cross Training and I will start attempting a different tactic on the long run days.  Maybe.  We'll see how the next two Saturdays go.

"Cross" training for today has yet to be determined.  I really wanted to get out and run with my new shoes this morning, but Zoe woke us up screaming at 3:30 and then 4:30 came way too quickly, so I allowed myself to go back to sleep.  I am considering a zoo trip which will count...otherwise, I may just hit the Y when Shaun gets home and do some elliptical or biking.  Or a combination!  Tuesday I plan to take Zoe swimming for our last Tuesday alone together.  Awwww.  Then, next Friday I will PLAN to take the kiddos to the pool again.  I realize these are not your traditional "cross training" activities, but I really focus on keeping my body moving and playing with the kids and raising my heart-rate a couple of times at least...I figure it's better than sitting on the couch or a bench and watching them play! 

I ran into a little snag with shipping all of the promised goodies to Canada (cost of shipping to there is crazy!), so Bonnie is now trying to find out how much everything will cost her there so I can send out a check.  Unless any of my friends in Michigan are planning a trip to Windsor very soon???  :) 

I have one last thing to mention.  Last night for dinner I had the yummiest meal.  I mean, it was crazy simple, but it was SO tasty!!  I was browning some sausage to make spaghetti for the kids and Shaun, but I didn't want to make a whole box of spaghetti, so I browned a full pound of sausage and removed almost 1/2 before adding the sauce.  This half I added to half of a package of Steam Fresh Whole Grain Rice with Broccoli and Carrots.  The "broccoli and carrots" ended up not being as many veggies as I thought it would be, so I used a whole bunch of celery instead of a spoon to scoop it up and eat it!  Yummmm. 

That is all for now.  I will probably post tomorrow after the long run, but may not post again after that until the weigh in on Wednesday. 

Hey Erin, could you weigh LJ that morning, too??

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  1. Booooo to shipping prices to Canada....and boooo to Canadian prices of products being so high!!!

    Who's coming to Windsor to bring me some goodies.....lol

    How in the world you found a 2lb jar of whey protein under $16 I will never know.....lol.....I'm up to 5 stores now and internet searching....

  2. I promise!! Even the non-sale price here is $19.99, but they had them marked down to $12.99 and I had a $3 coupon. I'm thrifty like that. :)

    Cross the bridge and check out Kroger in Detroit. Maybe?

    Maybe my SIL is planning a casino adventure soon...I'll text her today. I hadn't thought about that. :) Stay tuned, folks! LOL


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