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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ridin' on a Heat Wave

Hey gang!

I want you to know I've written about five blogs in my head (usually during my runs!) but just forgot that critical typing step. ;) In any case - happy Tuesday! I can say for certain it's a happy Tuesday here at the homestead because we are currently counting down til when we leave for vacation this weekend - whoohoo! I'm actually excited to find new routes along the beach, maybe try a treadmill workout and have some new places to go!

First an update - I opted to not run the BDB 5k on Saturday. It was a twilight run (at 7:30 pm), and for those of you who live anywhere other than Alaska, I'm sure you've noticed the heat. I did a test run along the route last Thursday night, during which I "wrote" a blog titled "The One Where I Talk about (Extreme) Heat." No seriously - that's what I did while I ran. I went out after work at about 6:30 and it.was.HOT. Brutally so. I ran across the bridge and down to a boat ramp along the river, then turned around to head back. I admittedly walked the grade up the bridge the second time, but in my defense, I was getting a teensy bit dizzy haha. Then I picked back up and ran the rest of the way across, down the path and around back toward the parking lot. I've been using MapMyRun.com (neat website!) and the entire run was around 3.25 miles. Did I mention it was HOT? And the ramps up the bridge on either side are no joke - looooong hills going both ways.

So in any case, I hated running in the heat and running across that bridge, in the heat, with a few dozen people seemed like a terrible idea. Instead, I went and had drinks with my friend Erin (yay!) which was a much much better Saturday night.

I have not run yet this week. Mondays are off days because I have early staff meeting, and today ended up being off after Lucy had kind of a tough night last night (poor kid's allergies are making her crazy...and snotty), so I slept in a little. I'll be out WThF this week to get my three in before our trip, and I've mapped some new routes in my neighborhood to try, so I'm anxious to get going.

In any case, kind of a running fail so far this week. I think I've found a running plan I want to implement after we get back from vacation, so I'll post more about that next time. Hopefully it will help me improve my stamina and speed. In the meantime, everybody stay cool out there! After my adventure last week, I definitely recommend getting those workouts done early if you're going outside! Stay safe!


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  1. Hey, Ashley! Get that "widget" at daily mile that I have in the top right corner. You can put yours on here, too! Um...go there and get the code for your widget, then you can email it to me and I'll place it on the blog. FUN!

    I'm with you. It's ridiculously hot. I've been running at 5am...the temps outside are nice, but seriously? Waking up at 4:30??? Didn't we used to come home at that time? ;) A story (stories) for another time...or not.


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