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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 22: Day 2

Good morning!!  I said I would post last night.  I didn't.  It happens.
Aaaannnnd now my husband just reminded me of something else I completely forgot to do last night.  UGH.  What has happened to my super-smart brain??  I forget everything.  This is no exagerration.  Oh, except I can totally remember stupid things that happened years and years ago.  Awesome.

Moving on, quickly.  Yesterday I set out for my day one of my 10K training and supremely failed.  It was hard stuff!!  Might have been just a mental thing, but I was supposed to run 2 miles (did it, felt great), then 4 one minute aerobic intervals (uh...tried it...felt good for about 20 seconds), then run another 2 miles.  I mean, I get that "running" doesn't have to always mean full out running, but I just cannot figure out how running slower can feel any better?  It's like hopping or bouncing.  Something like that.  I cannot find an "easy" pace.  Except my normal pace.  I appear to be averaging about a 9 minute mile, so I realize I could slow down a tad and still not be going super slow, but then I find it hard to even balance!  I hope someone else out there shares my feelings on this.  For my first 2 miles, I had run from my house to the track and did one extra loop on a cul-de-sac, so after my failed aerobic intervals, I chose to NOT do the extra loop and instead just ran home which ended up only being 1.09 miles.  Fine. 

When I got home I looked up another 10k plan my friend had sent to me that is 8 weeks long and it looks much more doable for me.  I promise to STOP switching plans at this point...I will follow the "Hal Higdon" Novice 10K plan for the next 8 weeks.  Same friend is one I am doing the half marathon with in (eeek!) 11 weeks.  WHAT!?  We discussed "strategy" for completing the half yesterday and, as of today, I am planning to walk a few miles in the beginning, run as many miles as I can, then walk until the final sprint over the finish line!  I just don't think intervals works for me.  I will try it over my final couple weeks before the actual run, however, and I may change my tune at that point.

Here is the *new* week plan:

2.5 miles
30 min. CROSS
2 miles + strength
40 min. CROSS
3 miles

I have no idea what I'm going to do for my 30 minutes of cross training today, but every Friday I will go to the YMCA and find a fun class to do. 

Contest bonus question for today:
If you could eat anything for one meal and the calories/fat grams, etc would not count - also assume you wouldn't get too full - what would you choose to eat?

I think my answer would have to be greasy, deep dish pizza with extra cheese and ham and pineapple.  4 pitchers of beer.  Finished off with a banana split.  Ahhhhhh.....


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