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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 24: Day 1

Good morning!!  I slept through my alarm (liar, I chose to not get up), so no run this morning.  I plan to head up to the Y when Shaun gets home this evening and run then.  I think I need to switch some things up in order to see any loss on the scale.  I am getting SO discouraged!!!  Not with the running - strictly with the weight loss.  I was reading some other weight loss blogs and I definitely see a plateauing "trend"...seems like when you hit a major goal (for some it's 30 pounds, others it's 100+!), it is so easy to relax your efforts and then get frustrated with no loss, or even some gains.  I haven't seen anything less than 188.5 since July 1st, and I am really, really, really hoping Wednesday's weigh in shows that number or less.  Please oh please oh please!!

So, I had some thoughts.  I do believe I'm gonna get back on the Slim Fast train starting Wednesday.  I know I said I would give Jackie Warner's meal plan a shot, but I feel like I need to do something with less thought and more obvious results right now just to get me mentally back in the game.  I will be able to get to the grocery tomorrow and I can go ahead and get my first week of shakes and snacks.  I bought a "goal outfit" yesterday at Old Navy (thanks Katy H.!!), so I'm going to post my first picture of me wearing it on Wednesday - along with a weigh in picture of the scale.  I told Shaun I was giving myself 3 months to look very, very good in that outfit.  I mean, I can button it and all that right now, but I wouldn't DARE wear it out of the house.  Just for an internet picture.  Ha, ha, ha. 

This upcoming Saturday is the American Idol concert!!  A friend and I bought tickets way back during presale, so we have really, really been looking forward to this.  :)  It's a 24-hour vacation for mom!!!  I will not be sticking to any sort of dieting plan, but I think I can actually stay close.  Obviously, there will be alcohol consumed.  I'll try to stick to some low-cal beer options...Mich Ultra or something?  I am typically just a beer drinker, but after looking at some calorie websites, I might have to switch it up.  Southern Comfort appears to be the lowest in calories...whoooooo.  Anyway, just letting you know this is something we've had planned for a while.  I couldn't have known I would be at such a frustrating point in my diet.  It might actually do me some good to let loose, right? 

I have a  ton of pics of the kids from our adventures over the weekend, but haven't been able to edit any of them yet.  Here's a cute one for you...

At the zoo, squeezed into a double stroller.  That's how we roll!

And here's one more to share a new frustration.  :)  My husband thinks it's ridiculous for me to be in any way "upset" about this...

You like that bra hanging out of the shirt?  I have never had this problem...because I've never worn a bra that actually covered everything!  So, right before I started losing weight a friend gave me 4 brand new Victoria's Secret bras.  I love them, they are pretty and comfortable...and no longer fit.  :(  BUT, I still wear them!  Because I don't have money for nice new bras...I realize it's an awesome problem to not be able to afford new clothes, but need them because you have LOST weight.  Awesome, but no less frustrating.  I have lots of great new stuff in smaller sizes for the winter, but 90+ temps are not exactly suitable for jeans.  Grr. 

Okay, the end.  Have a great day!!


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  1. Are we still doing the challenge then since your changing things up???....I have given up with the cheap whey powder....lol......I can't find it anywhere, and if I head to detroit to get it, it will cost me $10 in toll to cross the bridge and $10 in gas to get there, so it's not different then if I get it here.....wanna do a slim fast challenge instead?....hahahaha

  2. GREAT idea!!! I didn't even think about it, but that would help BOTH of us to get re-motivated. Could you start Wednesday? I will email you with some thoughts...if you have some first, though, you email me. Fun!

  3. I think its a great idea for you to switch things up a bit. Enjoy the concert.


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