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Diets Used

Cabbage Soup Diet - this plan was GREAT for my kick-off week, but not so good at week 10.  It is a tough plan to follow, but you can do ANYTHING for just 7 days!!

Special K Diet - love this plan.  There is a great variety to the cereals and the snack bars are delicious.

Slim Fast - good old classic plan.  Slim Fast shakes are easy to take with you, they are tasty, and I really love falling back to this plan anytime I get overwhelmed with all the options out there!

Right Size smoothies - These smoothies were delicious, filling, and truly did suppress my appetite.  I enjoyed them, but the products are a little bit expensive.

Atkins Diet - Phase 1 - I did not like this plan.

The Scarsdale Diet - the food choices got a little bit "old", but this was super easy to follow and I did enjoy being told exactly what I could eat. 

The 17 Day Diet - LOVE THIS DIET!  The food choices are fine, and quite limited, but this diet works so fast it just makes all the boring choices SO worth it!!! 

Couch to 5K - this is the first running/training program I used.

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  1. I've been reading all over your blog.I love the annual report you gave about how you've come from a Couch to 5k, and then even a full marathon in a year's time... AND with 4 kids. Pretty awesome! I'm sharing your blog with other mommy runners I know. One girl in particular I'm trying to convince she needs to start a mommy runner blog for our area. As for diet plans you've tried. have you heard of the ViSalus 90Day Challenge??? goto http://eliminatewaist.bodybyvi.net and check out the short video. Good stuff...
    Oh. I wanted to let you know that I linked your blog from Lauren (Sweat Junkie). I will be sharing your page with others still. If you have any questions about that above video send me an email or comment on my blog morethanpaceandstride.
    Keep up the happy blogging!


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