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Friday, May 11, 2012

An "anniversary" of sorts

Good morning! 

Yesterday it occurred to me that it was around May, 2011, I had started running with the Couch to 5K program.  Guess what?  It was May 11!  Exactly one year ago today, I posted the following:

EXERCISE: I went out to meet up with my friend, and I was a little early arriving and Zoe had fallen asleep in her carseat. I decided to go ahead and try Week One: Workout 1 of the Couch to 5K program! 5 minutes of brisk walking warm-up, 60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking all to total 20 minutes. It was awesome!! I do believe now that the Born to Run book is getting to me a bit...I tried to focus on the awesomeness of the blue sky and the green trees, the slight breeze, and just the peacefulness of my surroundings. Beautiful! In the beginning I realized I kind of don't know how to "jog" (long legs=long stride), but by the final 60 seconds, I am pretty sure I had slowed down plenty to count as jogging. I completed 2 miles, but may have gone over the 20 minutes a little bit. I was pushing the stroller, and kept alternating which hand was holding the phone/stopwatch and which hand was pushing the stroller. I am looking forward to this program, thanks, Ashley!! After that, Zoe was wide awake and wanting to play at the playground we kept going past, so I let her get out and slide and climb a bit. When my friend showed up, Zoe went back in the stroller with some snacks and we headed back out to the track. We only got 1.5 miles in before Zoe had had enough of the heat and the being pushed around in the heat. I felt great, but a little worn out when we got home for her naptime, so I decided to lay around while she was doing the same. In between all the fruit salad I was eating. Ha!
Wow.  So, in one year I have run several 5K's, one 8K, two 10K's, two Half Marathons, and one Full Marathon.  Holy moly, right? 

This month I have taken up bicycling.  I started with a new personal trainer last week and he was very interested in getting me away from all the running for at least this month.  I told him I have a training program I would like to start on June 10 to prepare for the Women's Half in Nashville in September (this is significant to me for 2 reasons, to be discussed later), but I also would like to get into a different routine over the next few weeks in order for cross training to come easier to me when I start back up with all the running miles! 

So, I am doing his weight lifting regime 3 days a week and I found a bicycle training program here:  http://beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=1671.  I used to think riding a bike was too easy to be any good at actually burning calories...turns out I was way wrong.  Wow.  First of all, will the pain in my "butt" go away?  Ouch!  I'm sure I am bruised!  Sitting on the seat hurts and then, at the end, getting up hurts.  I am tempted to sit in the comfy low-riding bike seats, but I really do hope to get a "real" bike one day and I guess I'd better train my butt now for the seat! 

Secondly, 85-92 RPM's is kinda fast and hard to maintain.  Thirdly, 55-65 RPM's is super slow and easy...until you up the "resistance"...and then, by the end of 4 minutes, my heart rate is all high and I'm just counting down the seconds for my recovery 3 minutes!  By the way, on a bike - 3 minutes is super fast.  Just sayin'. 

I really am enjoying myself, though.  I have another meeting with my trainer, LaRue, this morning, and I'm sure he's going to increase the weight training.  Eeek.  What I am very excited about with him is that he totally understands what I am after.  He knows I have no interest in being "strong"...I don't care about being able to lift hundreds of pounds or anything like that.  I know, I know - I'm supposed to worry about being "healthy", not "skinny".  Sorry, but this is my blog and I'm not afraid to confess I want to be skinny.  I do.  I never have been, and maybe my idea of skinny isn't the world's idea of skinny, but I want to feel good in my clothes.  All the time.  I will never wear a bikini or short shirts, but I want to be able to put on a t-shirt and not have to stare at myself in the mirror from every angle to see which way I need to stand all night long.  Ha. 

So, on that note, I explained to LaRue that I understand cross training is necessary to keep my body safe while running, and I am totally okay with doing the weights and the other exercises.  I will begin my training in June with the hopes of breaking the 2 hour mark in September...and I truly believe I need to be about 20 pounds lighter by then in order to really accomplish that.  LaRue got me thinking, though, and I have to admit I am likely right now at my pre-all-my-pregnancies weight.  Crazy.  He explained to me I am now needing to focus on the distribution of that weight.  My body will never be the same, I get that.  It doesn't mean I can't want it to be better than the way it is now, right?

Okay, lots of rambling.  I am truly having a rough time with the twins this morning and I guess I am using my "work" as an excuse to look busy.  :)

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May, 2012

I am on a mission.  10 pounds will leave my body this month, I assure you.  Enough with all of the eating and the lazing around.  ENOUGH!  Enough of replacing 500 calories burned with 1,000 extra calories eaten!  Enough with eating the crap that doesn't fill me up.  I am going to focus this month.  I am going to re-read my blog when I need some inspiration. 


Know what I mean?  I lost 50 pounds last year.  I did.  Me.  Not "my friend" or "my sister"...it was me.  And I am still me.  So, 10 pounds should be a piece of cake.  NO!  No cake.  It should be a carrot.  Losing 10 pounds should be a carrot.

You feel me? 

I know I have other friends who want to lose 10 pounds.  It's a nice round number that most of us can relate to...even if you want to lost 80 pounds, 10 pounds would be a nice start, right? 

So, let's refocus!  Let's get on this!  I would love to set up a competition of some sort, but I think instead we should all just do it for ourselves. 

Um, if you want to "compete" and set up a "prize", contact me, cause I am all about that.

Anyway, I have an app on my Kindle called Lose It! and I have been using it today.  Logging every bit of food and exercise.  I did join a (beautiful, huge, amazing) gym with a Kids Zone that my children went bananas over (yay!).  No excuses.  I'm on it.  This month I am going to refocus on my weight loss goals, discover some new exercises I have been ignoring (in my quest to be the best runner ever)...I am also going to tackle my new Bible study with all the studiousness of a new believer. 

Yes, May of 2012 will be a memorable one.  Join me?

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