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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May, 2012

I am on a mission.  10 pounds will leave my body this month, I assure you.  Enough with all of the eating and the lazing around.  ENOUGH!  Enough of replacing 500 calories burned with 1,000 extra calories eaten!  Enough with eating the crap that doesn't fill me up.  I am going to focus this month.  I am going to re-read my blog when I need some inspiration. 


Know what I mean?  I lost 50 pounds last year.  I did.  Me.  Not "my friend" or "my sister"...it was me.  And I am still me.  So, 10 pounds should be a piece of cake.  NO!  No cake.  It should be a carrot.  Losing 10 pounds should be a carrot.

You feel me? 

I know I have other friends who want to lose 10 pounds.  It's a nice round number that most of us can relate to...even if you want to lost 80 pounds, 10 pounds would be a nice start, right? 

So, let's refocus!  Let's get on this!  I would love to set up a competition of some sort, but I think instead we should all just do it for ourselves. 

Um, if you want to "compete" and set up a "prize", contact me, cause I am all about that.

Anyway, I have an app on my Kindle called Lose It! and I have been using it today.  Logging every bit of food and exercise.  I did join a (beautiful, huge, amazing) gym with a Kids Zone that my children went bananas over (yay!).  No excuses.  I'm on it.  This month I am going to refocus on my weight loss goals, discover some new exercises I have been ignoring (in my quest to be the best runner ever)...I am also going to tackle my new Bible study with all the studiousness of a new believer. 

Yes, May of 2012 will be a memorable one.  Join me?

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  1. I am SO with you on the 10 pounds! I do worry it might be a bit ambitious for me seeing as how I just shed 13 this week (I KNOW RIGHT?!). I am so tired of sitting at 185 (I had gone up, hence the 13 pound loss and I am STILL 185), I want to get to 175 so badly!

    ANYWAY, all that rambling to say, ITS ON! Let's do this! I've been using my fitness pal recently and I love the ease of logging calories and exercise! You can even scan the barcode on food if it has one - so easy!

  2. I'm with ya. I have 7 more to go and I bet it will be the hardest! Hoping to lose it by May 31st. Good luck! I am aiming for Biggest Loser prize with TOA. I'm in second with 5 weeks to go.

  3. I'll be rooting for ya. You can do it!Love your site.

  4. Lol, reading that actually got me buzzed up myself, way to go! Seems like a lot of blogs are feeling a change coming this month - spring cleaning, or have they put something AWESOME in the water? Good luck!


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