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Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 33: Day 5

Good morning!!!  I cannot sleep.  That is the strangest thing to me...because this girl loves her sleep!!  I woke up a little before 5, and I have just been lying in bed with my eyes wide open.  Sigh.

I usually try to figure out what is keeping me awake and pray about it, but I really can't pinpoint anything!  Maybe I'm just done sleeping for the night?

Shrinkvivor posted a "mini-challenge", that I guess is just done on the honor system, but it is to eat NO fast food this week.  Easy-peasy!  When I read this and subsequently thought "I can so do that", I began thinking about our upcoming move and having to pack food and snacks to keep us happy and, hopefully, away from any drive-"thru"'s.  (side note: I hate, hate, hate when people spell "through" t-h-r-u.  It is ridiculous.  It is incorrect.  However, when I tried typing drive-through, I felt stupid.  Because it looks dumb.  HA!)

So, fitness minutes are going well...except one of the girls on my team said something about doing an hour a day and hopefully two hours each day over the weekend!  What the what?!?  I don't have that kind of time!  I did 30 minutes on Wednesday (5 minute warm up/5 minute cool down and a nice 2.3 mile run!), then 32 minutes yesterday (same warm up/cool down, but I ran almost 2.5 miles), and 10 minutes last night of push ups and sit ups.  I was going to take a rest day today, but now I'm feeling like I should do something!  I do have Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD....been hearing good things about it.....

We are having a yard sale today.  Maybe this is why I can't sleep?  That seems like a reeee-diculous thing to be stressed about, but who knows what the inner workings of my brain focus on!?  This morning I am going to help Shaun set up and then my "job" is taking the kids somewhere fun so he can be the awesome salesman he truly is...hahaha.  I'm being completely serious, actually.  Shaun is gooooood at sales.  I have asked him before if he would like to switch careers and be a car dealer!  He says no. 

After our yard sale, we will begin boxing up and getting ready to move.  We were thinking the 17th, but now I kind of would like to go sooner.  We really have nothing else tying us here...and after this whole week of full-time togetherness, I think we are ALL ready for Shaun to get back to work!  We found a website called U-Ship...anyone have experience with this?  It is a division of eBay.  Basically, you post what you are looking to have "shipped" - it can be one item or lots of items or, in our case, a whole house.  Then, movers bid on your shipment and you can accept or decline the various bids!  We put an ad up just to see what happened (our budget is VERY low), and we actually got a really decent offer.  SO, now we just need to accept the offer and get to packing.  (we were looking at about $470 to rent a truck, then you include gas which was estimated at about $256, and Shaun was really not wanting to drive the truck - but would have!; this offer is $859 and all we do is load the truck!)

What else can I bore you with this morning?  hahahaha.

I went back to Slim Fast.  My 15K training has about 4-6 weeks of "easy" stuff before the long miles get in there, so I decided I should cut back on calories and get back to some weight loss!!!  Yesterday with the Slim Fast went well.  For good measure, because I could NOT stop eating dinner last night, I sprinkled my "Bacon Cheddar Quiche" piece with Splenda.  It definitely made me full.  I felt stuffed and even a little uncomfortable.  It was the yummiest quiche I have ever had.  Mmmmm.  Super easy to make, too!  Just a pie crust with 1/2 package of bacon cooked and chopped, 1 cup of cheese on top of that, Shaun blended (yep, made him help with dinner last night) 5 eggs and 1 cup of heavy whipping cream (side note: I didn't specify and he went with the "heavy" before I noticed), poured that on top and baked at 350 for 50 minutes!  We also had salad.

Okay, I guess I will go see what's on tv and start getting yard sale goodies ready...everyone cross your fingers and pray we have a good turn-out!  It's always more fun when you get rid of the things you have set aside and become willing to part with.  :)

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 1!!

Gooood morning!

I gotta be honest with you, it is NOT such a "good" morning around here.  Sigh.  The changing of the seasons has caused everyone in this house to feel a little under the weather and I'm sure you can all guess who is the biggest baby in all of this.  (hint, not me)  Dealing with 4 kids with bad attitudes and sniffly noses is one thing...add in the unemployed 31 year old hubs and I am about ready to run away!

Shrinkvivor starts today!!!  My official weigh-in this morning was 186.  This week's challenge is fitness minutes....awesome.  Truly, truly awesome.  I have found a 15K to run in Washington DC on December 3rd, and my training starts yesterday today!  The timing of this run is perfect...I think...well, I have decided.....um.  Okay, I'm going to run the Charlottesville FULL Marathon!  Maybe.  Probably.  UGH!  I am feeling really good about the half, and I really enjoyed it the whole time.  Is it weird that I feel like the challenge wasn't enough?

I'll think on this a bit longer...I have my eye on the 15K for now.  The biggest reason to do the 15K is it's called "Will Run For Chocolate" (yum) AND instead of a t-shirt you get a running jacket!  Niiiiiiiiice.  The back says "Hot Chocolate 5K/15K"...I thought about doing the 5K, but I really want to do some serious training that involves some long runs.  I really, really enjoy my long run Saturdays!!  Running "away" from all the whining and crying at home....and the kids, too.  Hahaha.

Sorry to be such a "husband-basher" this morning...tooooo much togetherness!!  The moving planning is really falling into place and getting us stressed excited!  We are having a yard sale this weekend and trying to focus on the short goal of getting everything together for that.  I have to manage carefully because Shaun is pretty good at wanting to sell everything.  Nevermind if it's a family heirloom or the kids' favorite toy or clothing I wear daily!  He keeps mentioning moving to Charlottesville with whatever fits in the van.  Really?  No.  He just gets overwhelmed easily.  Good thing I'm around.  Hahaha.

I gotta get on these fitness minutes!!  As soon as I get some coffee, I'll be heading out for a quick 2 mile run!  Hmmm...maybe I should WALK all my runs to get more minutes?  Hahahaha.

Have a great day!!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 33: Day 1

Hey!!!  Sorry I have been gone...what's hilarious about that is YOU probably didn't notice because it's only been one day of no posting, but I feel like it's been for-eh-ver because the past two days have been SOOOOOO long.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Why have they been so long?  Well, yesterday I was pretty sore, but that did not mean I could be lazy!  I took all the kiddos to church for 1st AND 2nd service (uhm, confession: I read a book during one of those services...it was a Christian book, though!), and then we came home and ate lunch and it was a beautiful day outside and I really felt like I needed to go to the grocery store and we heard back from the realtor about the house we wanted and we got approved (!!!!) and there was just so much to talk about and figure out and blah, blah, blah!  So, by the time I crashed into my bed around 8:30, I was aching pretty darn bad...possibly even close to tears!  Ugh.

This morning, however, I woke up feeling great!  I slept really, really hard...woke up one time and didn't know where I was!  It felt grrrr-eat.  So, today was Shaun's first day of unemployment.  I'm not sure how many people reading this care about my personal life, but basically Shaun tried to do "the right thing" by giving notice at his job as soon as we knew we would be leaving...it bit him in the butt when his boss found a replacement very quickly and then told him she couldn't afford to pay him for October so Friday (last Friday) was his last day.  It was a shocker, but through prayer I have realized it will not break us.  We will be fine.  Unfortunately, getting used to him being around 24/7...well, that is going to take longer than one day.  I would wager a guess that I will not get "used to it" before he returns to work.  Here's hoping, anyway.  Haha!

I will be honest with you...i have not paid one bit of attention to any diet plan.  I have not run since Saturday's marathon.  I have just been living my life.  We got approved for the house, so today was all about splitting up the stuff - yard sale stuff, donation stuff, give back to friend's stuff, keep stuff, pack stuff.  Holy moly.  I didn't even put a dent in it!

Tomorrow I will begin a new training plan!  This one promises to have me running a sub-25:00 5K in 12 weeks.  Yeehaw!!  This will be my first training plan with actual "work" involved...some "tempo" runs and some speedwork, some hill training.  I am very excited.  VERY.  I have a 5 mile Long Run on the schedule for tomorrow.  I will be taking the twins in for their first dentist appointment at 8 am (is it weird i am totally excited??), then dropping them and Zoe off at school at 9, and I will go run then.  I have signed up to do some "secret shopping" tomorrow for a little (very little) extra cash, and I will finally get to the grocery store.  My poor family might be over the random meals I have been making.

I have one last thing to mention.  A very good friend and LOYAL reader/follower has given me this to post for her...

Free Home and Auto Quotes
No obligations and no annoying phone calls afterwards!!
Could possibly save you money for the same coverage you currently have!!

All you have to do is call 1-877-855-8111
You will need my Solution # 1FTRJ and name SHAPAKA

Once you find that your quote saved you money give us a call for more money saving opportunities. We care about you and your family’s needs.
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I actually did call for myself even though I told her I have been with GEICO for years and I have looked around and never found cheaper.  Guess what?  They totally got me a cheaper rate...saved me $100 off my six month rate!  Nuts.  SO...as it says "no obligations and no annoying phone calls"...totally true.  I didn't purchase the plan right away and the guy let me get off the phone very easily.  It was not a lengthy conversation and I felt comfortable right away.  I will be honest and tell you I normally HATE getting "free quotes" because they get so pushy afterwards!! 

So, if you are curious, give them a call.  Don't forget to write down the Solution Number and last name! 

One very final thing - the Shrinkvivor tribes were announced and I am on Team Pink!  We renamed ourselves the Pink-bury Dough Girls.  Hahahaha.  (The "captain" spelled it pinkberry, but I wanted you to understand the reference)  Fun!!  Weigh-ins for that challenge will be Wednesday, so I'll just start reporting my weight on Wednesdays here, too. 

Have a great night!!  xoxo
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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am so tired.  Why am I writing this now??

Well, ta-da, I completed my very first half marathon!!!  It was actually super awesome.  I won't do a mile by mile, play by play - only because I don't remember much!  I can tell you the first mile was a cluster-beep!  It was nuts.  I was in corral #6...out of 6.  Apparently I put down a very slow anticipated finish time!  Haha.  So, my tag number was 6148, the first number telling everyone out there what corral I began in.  You were allowed to move back, but not forward.  This will be "important" later in the story.

So, mile 1 I was all about getting out of the madness that is thousands of women who were doing variations of running or walking or jogging...MADNESS, I tell you!!  I started off with two friends, but I just couldn't hang back and pace myself.  I'm not a fan of the huge crowd.  Especially when I was really hoping to catch up to the 2:15 pace group and I couldn't even see the sign!

At some point I passed another friend who was in the 2:30 pace group, we chatted for a second during a walk break of mine.  She is a great motivator, so she helped me to keep my head together and push on.  Seriously, we were only at, like, mile 2, so I didn't need TOO much motivation at the time, but it was kind of fun knowing she was behind me.  That way, if I did have to slow down seriously at some point, she would be there to "scoop me up"! 

The fans were awesome.  The photographers were at every mile and a half or so...maybe more often than that, but I was really trying to smile big for them and do silly "jazz hands" each time.  There were people out with fun signs and it was super cool to be running through "my town" with the streets blocked off!!  There was one turn around point, just before mile 7...the best part about this was the major distraction offered while watching all the other runners.  If I had a Garmin list of my mile splits, I would guess these were my fastest times.  I was looking for my friends and just completely ignoring the fact that I was running!  After I passed the turnaround and was going back, I heard some girls exclaim "Oh my gosh, there goes a 6!"  Yay!  That's right...I busted my booty to get up there with some 3's!!  As the mile numbers started getting higher, it was so fun knowing we were almost done!! 

And then....the hill.  AKA "I Will Hill".  Wow.  I had run it once before.  Holy moly.  It was tough!!  I will admit, I started avoiding my timed music at this point and just walked when I felt I needed it.  I knew I had long since passed the 2:15 pace group, and I just wanted to make sure I had enough energy to run the final 1/2 mile to the finish!  Thing is, you (I) really can't walk much more than a minute without the legs cramping a bit, so when I got to the top of the hill, I took a deep breath and took off.  Down the hill, around the corner, and TO THE FINISH!!!  I saw the time ticker at the finish line showing 2:14 as I crossed the line and heard my name.  It was awesome!!!!

Even more awesome?  The official results being printed up and showing my chip time of 2:06:56!!!  Over 6,000 participants, and I placed 610th! 

What an amazing feeling of accomplishment.  Knowing where I have been and seeing where I am now...it is just the best feeling.  I am so happy and proud and I know I owe every second of my run today to my Father and Saviour.  He was with me every step of the way.  He is why I felt good and pushed on.  I prayed all morning on the way downtown for the Holy Spirit to walk (run) with the the entire way and just let my legs do what they are built to do.  He didn't fail me.  Not once.


I have had a little hot bath and i am now laying down with a couple of the kids for a little nap. 

Have a great day!!!


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 32: Day 5

O. M. G.  Today is September 23rd (Happy 86th/87th birthday, Grampa!!), and that makes tomorrow September 24th and that means in less than 24 hours I will be RUNNING A HALF MARATHON.

Okay, that out of the way, I actually just wanted to post about this awesome freakin' diet I am so happy with.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - Jackie Warner, you are a genius.  Or something like that.  Ha, ha. 

This morning's weight was 182.  Her "clean eating" plan for the week days just rocks me every single time!  It is easy, I stay full, I lose weight.  What more could I ask for?  It's perfect fuel for my running, too!  I ate kinda crappy for a couple several days and noticed I was getting side stitches when running, which I have never (since I was 10) felt!  I read about it and discovered it can be from running too fast, but it can also be due to a poor diet.  I know I'm not running "too fast" (HA!), so I thought back to those days and what I had chosen to eat.  Damn white bread.  Grrrrr.  I decided to do the "clean eating" for the few days before the half marathon, but I will admit to you I'm allowing myself to eat what I want that day.  A girl has to have something to work for.  :)

I did not run yesterday because I delivered magazines all day and it was sort of like cross training.

Today is rainy (please don't rain tomorrow) and chilly, so we will be hanging at the house and doing some packing.

We're moving, by the way.  I'm not giving any more details just yet.  Sorry!

I don't have much else to share today.  I have read some great accounts by other bloggers about their marathons, like mile by mile...I'm not totally sure I will be able to do all that, but maybe?  Either way, I'll post something tomorrow.  Be praying for me!!!!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 32: Day 2

Miss me?  :)

Well, this morning's weigh in was niiiiice...183!  (applause, applause)

55.5 pounds lost so far on this journey.  Let's continue this d-o-w-n trend, right?!?

Other than that, not much to discuss.  The half marathon is Saturday morning and I am very, very, very excited.  Woke up at 3:30 this morning because the cat was trying to find a suitable place to sleep, and apparently his choices were either on my face or Zoe's.  Either way, the answer was no.  I put him outside, then Zoe wanted "milk", then I laid in bed and thought I was on my way back to dreamland when the computer randomly shined a bright light in the room!  Weird, right?  I have no idea why, but there is a light on the cover and it just decided to shine.  BRIGHT.  So, I got up to take it in another room and this woke up my husband who came out to find me and ask what I was doing.  I walked back to bed and I heard the sliding glass door open...yep, he let the damn cat back in!  Cat came immediately back to our room to try again to find somewhere to rest his weary self.  Meanwhile, at this point my brain completely turns back on and starts thinking about the race and the scary dream I had this weekend about getting lost during the race!  So, yeah, probably got back to sleep around 5:30...to wake up at 6:15. 

I typed all of this earlier today and I have since lost my train of thought.

Well, 183 is awesome.  I went for a 40 minute run today that felt great...even though I used my "old" shoes.  It was strange at first, but I am going to love, love, love doing the half marathon in my Kinvara's after this week!  :)  My plan is to run for 15 minutes tomorrow morning and then again in the evening, and Thursday I will fit 2 miles in at some point.  Just keeping myself loose and getting some jitters out!!  Friday will be a full rest day and my current plan is to eat a nice, big dinner, then cottage cheese with fruit and nuts for breakfast before heading downtown.  When I went out to do my 10 miles last weekend, I totaly forgot to take anything to drink or drive ahead and plant something halfway!  So, the entire time I was just running on what I had drank and eaten at home beforehand...i felt fine, too!  That's awesome.

Well, enough rambling.  I'm heading out to Target to try on some new shorts and pray some of them will work!! 


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 31: Day 6

Gooooooood morning!!!

Sorry I haven't been around.  No excuses will be shared.  Trust me, I have lots, though.  I just woke up and don't have my thoughts about me enough to have a great posting, but here are some bullet points I would like to share...

*  I officially signed up and paid my fee for Zombie Buffet 5K!  I signed up as a runner and chose wave 2 as my first choice or wave 3 as my second choice.  Basically, they are going to "release" the runners in 4 different waves and each of those waves will determine how many zombies you are likely to encounter during your run.  It's all very technical.  Hahaha!  I cannot wait.  I have thinking about a costume...not completely sure exactly what just yet, but cheerleader seems like an okay costume to run in, wouldn't you agree?

*  A few of the girls from my Mayor's Challenge 5K team have started training with the various offerings already!!  If you are interested, check out their website here for a list of all the groups that are meeting and when.  After the half marathon, I plan to meet at the McCabe Community Center for their 9 am runs on Saturdays.  Also, the Green Hills YMCA is offering trainings during the week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:30 (and Fridays).  You do not have to be a member if you are working towards the Mayor's Run! 

*  I have signed up for Shrinkvivor 2011!!  It is a 7 week Challenge offered up here.  Looks like a lot of fun and a good way for me to get back on track and have someone else tell me what to do!  Plus, you all know this girl likes a little competition.  ;)  I encourage you all to join up!!  There is even a non-weight loss group for those who want to participate in the " weekly physical challenges, check-ins, immunity idols, tribal councils" without losing any weight.  The registration lasts until Wednesday, September 21st, which is when they will randomly place you on a team of 7 and the challenge will begin on the following Wednesday, September 28th.

That's all my points for today, I think.  I am heading out in about an hour for my 10-miler, and then next weekend is the HALF!!  I am very excited.  I got a new shirt last night (yes, I will be wearing it for my run today to "test it out") and I am now looking for a white runner's skirt.  The black one would work fine, but I think a white one would be "prettier" with the socks I have chosen.  I'm such a girl, right?  This week I will only be doing 9 miles total throughout the week and I am definitely using Thursday as a FULL rest day.  Friday will be a "cross training with the kids" day...no plans yet, but I will try to at least be a little bit active with them to get my "jitters" out! 

Diet-wise, I don't know what to say.  I wish I could say I've been all good and on point...but I haven't.  I have been allowing myself bites here and nibbles there and a full slice of pizza last night.  It's just been hard!  For several reasons.  It seems that on days when I don't run (which suppresses my appetite for a good 2-3 hours), I am starving, like, alllllll day long!  I will eat the same breakfast as on any other day, but it will just do nothing but seem to fuel my hunger.  Very frustrating!  I should be using my Sensa, but I keep forgetting to sprinkle it on my foods!  Also, when I have a whey protein shake, or I'm eating a piece of fruit (like an apple or peach), I can't use it.  It's hard to form a habit with this, for some reason.  I have never been a big "seasoner" once my food is ready to be eaten, so that may be one problem.

Know what?  Basically...dieting is HARD.  It has become harder now that I've lost a lot of weight.  Hovering between 50 and 55 pounds lost is awesome, but I keep thinking about a time in my life when I weighed what I weigh now and I wanted to lose weight!  I want to have the stamina for that girl!  I will not, will not, will NOT give up.  I plan to kick ass at the Shrinkvivor Challenge and finish up these 40 weeks with a BANG!  I may be behind schedule, but that is NO reason to think I should stop here.  I can totally do this.

I found these pictures online...look how skinny my leg looks!
And, no, I am not wearing shin guards.  Haha.

Yeeeehaw!!  Have a great day,

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 31: Day 3

Can I just say I still can't believe I am in week 30's?!?  That is super fantastic.  Seriously...I don't know if I've ever truly "completed" something this long-term in my life!  I guess pregnancy, but that doesn't really count since I had very little to do with the continuation of it.  Or something.

So, I have a couple of things to pursuade you to do announce!  I am pretty darn excited...

Both of these, by the way, are Nashvillian things.  I'm so sorry.  One day, I assure you, I plan to get out in the country and "Race the States" (right, Ash?), but for the immediate future, I will be in Nashville.  Feel free to visit!

#1.  I am forming a group to train for a 5K.  Check out www.mayorschallenge5K.com if you haven't already heard about this.  Registration is free, and so is the race!  When you register, please join my group "Mamas Gettin' Fit"!!  You will log your training here and we could win something!  I'm not sure what, but winning is always fun.  The actual race will be held on November 13, and we will begin group training the week of September 26th.  We will plan 2 nights during the week to meet at 7:00 pm and Saturday mornings.  Also, the website has further information about training sessions at various parks and YMCA's around town!  It looks like a great cause and a great "excuse" to start your training today (or the 26th)!!!  :)

#2.  Dude, you have to check out http://zombiebuffet5k.com.  I am so excited about this!!!  October 29th, downtown Nashville, we will have to run from zombies!  You can sign up to either be a runner or a zombie.  There will be a 5K race, the goal of the runners being to cross the finish line with at least 1 of your 2 health flags...goal of the zombies will be to cross the finish line with the most health flags stolen off the poor runners!  I am planning to sign up as a runner and Shaun will likely be a zombie.  I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my 32nd birthday.  3 days late.  Whatever.  (by the way, I just learned of a "contest" they are running...if you DO decide to sign up and why on earth would you NOT???, please make sure to reply to your registration e-mail with my name as your referrer!)

This morning's run went great, and I really am doing well with the diet plan this week.  Hooray!  I was only able to fit in 35 minutes this morning, so I'm planning another 15-20 minutes out this evening.  I found a blog posting last night that really reminded me about the importance of fitting in various little workouts when I really don't feel like I have the time to do a full run.  Read this.  There have been days where I overslept a little bit (like today) and thought "Ugh, I don't have 50 minutes before Shaun leaves for work.  Nevermind."  And then I feel awful about it later!!  I'm thinking, spacing out my runs on some days may just kick my weight loss up a notch, too!  It was a great posting.

I hope you are all having a great day!  I will end with a couple pictures from the other day's crazy run to the park.  It was quite ridiculous.

Capri-Suns for the ride!  You are looking at 39 lbs, 31 lbs, 42 lbs, respectively...

Henry was so motivated by me, he ran 2 laps around the park! 
The track there is 1/5 of a mile.

Wooohooo!  He looked so darn cute.

Okay, getting them home was LESS than easy.  They did NOT want to get back in the stroller,
 they did NOT want to stay at the park.  They did NOT want to share seats.  Ugh. 
Anyone looking to rid themselves of a triple stroller??  Haha.

We made it home and all was well.  Mama was super sweaty and gross, but I guess that was kind of the point, right? 

Have a great day!!  xoxo
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 31: Day 1

One week of Jackie Warners plan = 7 pound loss; One week of Audrey's "plan" = 5 pound gain.  Yeah, I think we can tell who the professional is!! 

I'm not worried about it.  I look good, I feel good...I am back to focused.  I guess I just needed that teenager-stretch (basically trying things myself) and now I will go back to following a PROVEN diet.  Hahaha.

I am also going to try something a little different this week with my running!  I need to log 13 miles between Monday and Thursday, and I am so over getting up before the sun is shining.  I am taking a cue from a few blogs I follow and I'm going to split up my runs to get all the miles in any way I can.  I am about to load the kids up in the double stroller (yep, 3 in a 2-seater) and push them to the park a mile away...running.  Then we will, obviously, have to get back home.  If they are playing outside later and the neighbor "cooperates", I plan to ask him to watch them for 10 minutes while I run around the neighborhood.  Tomorrow and Thursday I have no kids with me during the day, but I do have some meetings and other things planned, so I definitely can get a few miles in each day, but I don't really have a spare hour or so to get lots of miles in.  The only reason I'm not running Friday is that I have a long run of 10 miles on Saturday.  Then we are into the final week before the half marathon!!!  I am so excited!!!  Every time I wake up overnight (to put a child back in their bed, or remove the cat from a child's bed, or change wet sheets, etc.) I have the hardest time going back to sleep while I imagine all the awesome scenarios for the finish line of the half.  Hahaha. 

Food wise I am following Jackie again.  Here's the deal with the Sensa - it definitely works.  I am decidedly FULL and NOT HUNGRY when I remember to sprinkle it on my meal.  However, the problem lies in ME.  I do not have to be hungry to eat.  I can always make room for Jello bread, honey, peanut butter, nuts, bread, fruit.  Even though these things may not singularly throw me WAY off course, combined in excess, they are not good.  No. Bueno.

This week is going to be great!  I am praying that I have a rather big announcement to make soon!  Today's devotional reading involved being with Jesus "quietly", so I am waiting patiently and quietly for His plan for me to happen.  The wheels are definitely churning in an exciting direction, but nothing is set in stone yet.  So, we wait.  And I promise you, I am fine with that.  There is nothing better than knowing your life is in the Hands of someone far more capable than you of doing Good!

Have a great day!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 30: Day 6

Just a quickie...

I apparently have an issue with being "good" 2 weeks in a row.  Haha.  I was so excited about this meal plan and loving the foods, but somehow this week I have just been going astray!  Crazy.  It's all about the peanut butter and honey for some reason.  Why did I even buy the honey???  I actually had a recipe call for it...then I changed my mind on the recipe.  Grrrr. 

Turns out having a "baguette" in the house was a bad idea, too. 

Anyway, I am going to give this Sensa a shot.  I am going to really focus on that this week...I will try to also eat right, but let's really see if this stuff works!  The point appears to be to make you feel full so you don't eat too much...I don't usually pay attention to whether or not I am "full", but I will try this week.  Haven't I said before, "You can do anything for a week!"  Or two, or whatever.

That's my plan.  I will run and I will sprinkle (Sensa).  Yay! 

By the way, the running is going great...I'm heading out right now for a nice 9-ish miles...58 degrees and dark out.  I'm doing a large portion of the Half Marathon route, so that will be interesting.  I have been doing a separate portion so far.  Okay, gotta go.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 30: Day 2

Hey!  I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather!!  The kids all slept GREAT last night, so I would definitely say we are happy about the lower temps in this house. 

Yesterday was so strange to me.  Long weekends always are.  Thinking it's Sunday, but it's really Monday.  I also ke[t wanting to "cheat" and eat poorly because we were all hanging out at the house.  Cold and rainy day...I went grocery shopping and I believe I have already mentioned how having a full pantry just makes me want to snack!  I made it through the day relatively low-cal.  :)

So, this morning I headed out to do 5 miles and 5 min warm up/45 minute run.  Basically, I wanted to complete both goals, so a full 5 miles no matter how long it took and making sure to at least finish the time goal, as well.  I'm a multi-tasker.  Guess what?  I met both goals at the exact same time!  I used a 4 min run:1 min walk interval for the run and I will admit I sprinted the final 10 seconds of my final 1 minute walk, but I made it back to the 5 mile point!  Yay! 

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I ordered some new shoes!!  After the 10K on Saturday I talked to a "shoe guy" and I have been doing a lot of reading about shoes and training...basically, even though I feel fine and my legs feel good and today's run in my OLD tennis shoes went fine, I do see a need for a second pair of shoes for my training runs.  After the half marathon, I need to decide whether I want to RE-train for another half, or train for a FULL (eek!).  I am planning another 10K at the end of October, so I would like to do some speed work over the few weeks between the half and that...so many thoughts!  So many "plans"!  I just know I am enjoying this running and I really am enjoying no injuries, and I want to keep it that way forever.  Got it?

Diet-wise I am hungry today!  I had a bowl of cottage cheese with pineapple and almonds this morning before my run.  Immediately after running I had a huge orange.  Mmmmm.  For lunch I had a veggie burger (they were on sale and I had a coupon, so I figured I would give 'em a shot) on a 100% Whole Grain sandwich thin with some carrots.  Everything I have eaten has been satisfying, but now I'm wasting my final half hour before picking up the kids (yes, ignoring the laundry!) and I just want to snack! 

I forgot to use the Sensa on my 2 meals today.  Oops!  I will remember this afternoon and evening, maybe that will help to curb my hunger. 

I will post a picture of my shoes when they come.  I cannot wait!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 30: Day 1

Week 30?!?!?!?  WOW!!  That is so crazy.  At this point, if I were "on track" with the 2 pounds a week for 40 weeks, I should be at 58 pounds down which would be 180.5.  I'm a little sad to report I am higher than that, but I am pleased to report it is only a little higher!  This morning's scale picture? 

Fuzzy, but readable!

184.5!!!  That is 54 pounds down from the beginning, and 7 pounds lost just LAST WEEK!  Oh, yes, Jackie Warner, i love you.  For putting common sense knowledge down in black and white to make it even easier for me to follow, for publishing it in book format, and for helping me get back on track!  Yeeeeehaw!! 

I wasn't going to use the 2 "treat" meals this weekend, but I kind of did.  She allows up to 1500 extra calories each day, and I definitely didn't go there, but I ate the free chicken biscuit after my 10K race Saturday and I indulged in some bites of the kids' foods yesterday.  Nothing major, just nibbles!  I sort of recognized the need for some "treats"...it gets frustrating when you tell yourself NO all the time.  This way, I got to indulge and just reminded myself it was allowed and I moved on.  No big deal.  :)

This morning, the kids ran in their first Fun Run!  A 1K race in downtown Franklin...it was very fun.  At the beginning, the twins were running great, but then another kid darted in front of Henry and he fell pretty hard.  He was crying and Jack started crying because he was so overwhelmed with all the kids running and cheering going on.  Luckily, a friend was there to take the twins from me so I could sprint ahead and catch up with Conner!  He was so fast!!  Unfortunately, that lasted about a block and then he wanted a break.  I told him to walk, but he wanted to sit!  He kept getting spurts of energy and then he would stop again.  A little frustrating, but I realize it was a lot to expect him to run the whole time.  Ha, ha, ha.  When we got to the corner before the finish line, Jack and Henry re-joined us and we all ran across the Finish Line!  It was very fun, but only Jack has expressed an interest in doing it again. 
Conner, Jack, Henry, and Derek (our next door neighbor)

Conner, Derek, and Jack at the Starting Line!

Jack and Conner sprinting to the Finish!

So, I finally got the Sensa in the mail!  I haven't been consistent with putting it on foods just yet.  It's hard to remember!  I am trying to stick with Jackie's plan, too, so I'm not really sure how this Sensa will affect that?  Basically, after reading all the materials, it says it is supposed to make you feel full faster.  I haven't noticed that, but I haven't had a problem with being hungry on this diet.  Also, it does say to not purposely (purposefully?) eat MORE just because of the Sensa.  So, I think it's just a diet and exercise enhancer.  I'm going to go ahead and send the 2nd month back because I cannot afford $90, but I will give the Month 1 supply a good ol' try.  I feel no different yet, but I promise to use it consistently this week while still sticking to my meal plan.  If I have more great loss, then maybe I'll try a week of no diet and just Sensa?  I am so nervous to sabotage myself at this point!!  I cannot even let myself get excited to see 170's, but I am so close!!!! 

This week's running plan is 2 five milers and then 10 miles on Saturday.  After the 10K this past Saturday, I was worn out!!!  It was great, though.  I ran with a very motivating friend and she turned out to be the perfect running partner for me!  Yay!  Yesterday morning I went out with another friend for an easy 3 miles around the neighborhood.  We chatted throughout and walked a couple of times...she is easing back into some training after taking a few months off after her half marathon back in April (or June?), and I was just wanting my legs to stretch a bit because they felt super tight.  Today I had to do a little sprinting with the kids, but I am planning to REST for the remainder of the day.  Thank God for rain.  Not only did we seriously need it to cool the temps, but it should make for some good napping weather later! 

I hope everyone had/has a great Labor Day, and I will be back tomorrow!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 29: Day 5

Hey there!

I am pretty bored today...kinda being lazy and hanging on the couch.  I thought I could muster up some cleaning motivation and energy, but it hasn't happened yet.  Now two of the three kids at home are sleeping in my room and the third is hanging out with me.  I just might take a little snooze myself...

Diet still going well.  I am a definite fan.  I saw the lowest weight on the scale that I have seen through this journey, so that has kept me from "cheating" today.  The kids wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, and I didn't even have one little nibble!  Also, I set out some wheat thins and cheese for them to snack on and it was definitely, loudly calling my name.  How awesome is cheese and crackers?!?  Didn't touch a one!  NOT ONE!  I just kept saying to myself - sure, eat one, but you better be ready to see that damn 190 on the scale again!  I didn't eat any. 

I switched up the order I am eating the allotted foods today.  First thing, of course, I had my apple and coffee.  For breakfast, though, I made a sandwich with a 4 ounce piece of chicken, spinach, and salsa on two slices of whole grain bread.  When the kids were enjoying cheese and crackers I ate carrots, then at 11 I had a bowl of cottage cheese with almonds and grapes on top.  That was SOOO yum.  I would have never thought of putting nuts on cottage cheese, but I am SO addicted now.

Last night I made some sweet potato wheels from Slim Katie's blog.  Delicious.  I also made an omelet with green peppers, seasonings, and a little bit of cheese.  Tonight, I'm planning to make more sweet potato wheels and turkey burgers!  I need one more protein for snack this afternoon, but I haven't decided yet what that will be.  It's too bad I don't like hard boiled eggs because those would be SO easy.

Sorry today is a little boring.  I took the kids to Target this morning for new sneakers...did I mention on here that they are all running a 1K race on Monday!?!?  Well, the boys are.  Zoe is still a little young.  So, tomorrow morning is my first 10K (I am totally nervous.  TOTALLY) and then the kiddos will begin their race "careers" at the Franklin Classic on Labor Day.  They are very excited.  Especially now that they have new shoes!  That light up!  It's 99 degrees outside today, so we played a little outdoors, but they got tired of that pretty quickly.

Happy Friday!  I'll post tomorrow after the race.  Wish me luck!

P.S.  Shanita - I haven't gotten the Sensa yet, but I will be sure to let you know as soon as I do!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 29: Day 4


Today has been great. Yes, it is a day all the kids go to school, but also I am really a big fan of this diet plan!! I have absolutely NOT been hungry. Today was magazine delivery day, so I got a lot of exercise in, for sure. Not to mention I was driving the van with no air conditioning and it was at least 99 degrees for a majority of my day. Whew. I am pretty sweaty. Nice, right?

I also got up early this morning and ran a cool 3.09 miles. Yeehaw. My knee has been bothering me a little bit....and my shins. It's doesn't really feel like a big deal, but it is a little bit creepy feeling. My knee sort of "knocks" (?). It really only does it for my first, maybe, 6 minutes of running. So, I tried out a new footing technique. Not sure if that is the right wording, but I have been doing some reading on the whole minimalist thing. Also, my good friend runs with the "correct" form for barefoot running. Last night I checked out a few blogs about this and I just decided my pain is coming from poor form. Especially since I bought the minimalist shoes, so I really should be doing it right! Well, Shannon has talked to me about it before, so I tried it out today. Basically, I tried to run on my tippy-toes. This would not be easy, so I didn't accomplish THAT exactly...is this making sense? Since I actually have shoes on and I'm running, my foot automatically lands all the way on the ground, but when I made it a point to point my toes as I ran, I noticed the pain went away! It actually felt really good. I shortened my stride to a 1, 2, 3 pace (thanks, Ericka), and I really enjoyed the last 2/3rds of my run! The only thing I noticed was how hard I had to concentrate to continue doing it right. I wasn't listening to my music that is at the "correct" BPM's, I didn't have anybody else around me to match pace with, and I didn't wear my foot pod, so I wasn't able to monitor my cadence or anything! I was trying to lose myself in the run and just let my mind wander, but I really had to focus to not go too slow and to keep my stride right and my foot just so. It was exhausting both physically AND mentally! Haha.

My sweet friend assured me it will get easier and more natural. Hooray!

This morning I had my apple and coffee before my run, then I made a Whey Protein shake with water and frozen strawberries afterwards. Yum, yum, yum! We got Conner onto the bus, packed everyone's lunch, gathered coupons for a quick grocery adventure, then headed off to the littles' school. I packed myself a 4 ounce piece of chicken, 2 slices of 100% whole grain bread, and a cup of carrots to eat during my deliveries. I thought I would try to wait until noon to eat, but I just couldn't wait. Something about knowing the food was just sitting there in the passenger seat? Crazy, I know. So, I ate it all by 11. My route took until 2 to complete, and then I stopped by the grocery store for a few things. Picked up the kids by 3 and headed home. It is now 4:44 and I just finished my 2nd lunch/afternoon snack of oatmeal with almonds and another 4 ounce piece of chicken. I wanted to make eggs, but just could not find the energy for it.

Dinner tonight will include a sweet potato, but I have no idea how I'm going to cook them yet! I cooked about 4 pounds of chicken last night and then separated what was leftover after dinner into 4 ounce portions. I do guess at this because I don't own a food scale, but I know the whole "palm of your hand" trick. This is where I'm getting all this chicken, haha. I baked them with cooking spray and some barbecue rub. Delish. I might make scrambled eggs for dinner (with sweet potatoes?) because I don't think anyone should have three servings of chicken in one day!

I weighed this morning for the giggles of it and was very happy to see a lower number than I've seen in a while! Wooohooo! I'll wait and share a picture of the scale on Monday. Here's hoping I can continue my good eating trend. Jackie Warner's plan actually calls for you to eat 2 "treat meals" over the weekend, but I'm going to try not to. Saturday morning I am running a 10K with a friend, so if she wants to go somewhere for brunch afterwards, I will join (hint, hint, Kristy! :)), but I really want to have a FULL good eating week before starting the 2 "treat meals".

**I heard from Kristin today, by the way! During her first couple of weeks, I was doing her grocery shopping. Mainly to see how much work it actually would involve if I started taking on clients, but also to make sure she would only have access to appropriate food each day. Well, she did great when I was shopping for her, but she admitted (to my answering machine) that she has not had time to get out and shop, so she's really trying to just eat LESS of what she would normally be eating anyway. I had a couple of thoughts. I might tell her to order the 30-day supply of Sensa to see if it works for her still eating "normal" foods. OR, I have also offered to be her full-time personal shopper. I figure, since I grocery shop at least twice a week, I might as well help someone else out at the same time, right? She has a 6 year old and 2 jobs! Also, she has been running every other day. She said she is at 210, so this is still 12 pounds down from day one and it has been less than a month. I say, Rock ON! :)

Have a great night,

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