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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 30: Day 2

Hey!  I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather!!  The kids all slept GREAT last night, so I would definitely say we are happy about the lower temps in this house. 

Yesterday was so strange to me.  Long weekends always are.  Thinking it's Sunday, but it's really Monday.  I also ke[t wanting to "cheat" and eat poorly because we were all hanging out at the house.  Cold and rainy day...I went grocery shopping and I believe I have already mentioned how having a full pantry just makes me want to snack!  I made it through the day relatively low-cal.  :)

So, this morning I headed out to do 5 miles and 5 min warm up/45 minute run.  Basically, I wanted to complete both goals, so a full 5 miles no matter how long it took and making sure to at least finish the time goal, as well.  I'm a multi-tasker.  Guess what?  I met both goals at the exact same time!  I used a 4 min run:1 min walk interval for the run and I will admit I sprinted the final 10 seconds of my final 1 minute walk, but I made it back to the 5 mile point!  Yay! 

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I ordered some new shoes!!  After the 10K on Saturday I talked to a "shoe guy" and I have been doing a lot of reading about shoes and training...basically, even though I feel fine and my legs feel good and today's run in my OLD tennis shoes went fine, I do see a need for a second pair of shoes for my training runs.  After the half marathon, I need to decide whether I want to RE-train for another half, or train for a FULL (eek!).  I am planning another 10K at the end of October, so I would like to do some speed work over the few weeks between the half and that...so many thoughts!  So many "plans"!  I just know I am enjoying this running and I really am enjoying no injuries, and I want to keep it that way forever.  Got it?

Diet-wise I am hungry today!  I had a bowl of cottage cheese with pineapple and almonds this morning before my run.  Immediately after running I had a huge orange.  Mmmmm.  For lunch I had a veggie burger (they were on sale and I had a coupon, so I figured I would give 'em a shot) on a 100% Whole Grain sandwich thin with some carrots.  Everything I have eaten has been satisfying, but now I'm wasting my final half hour before picking up the kids (yes, ignoring the laundry!) and I just want to snack! 

I forgot to use the Sensa on my 2 meals today.  Oops!  I will remember this afternoon and evening, maybe that will help to curb my hunger. 

I will post a picture of my shoes when they come.  I cannot wait!

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  1. just found you-- great blog! -- keep up the great work!! :)

  2. Just came across your blog. Enjoying it so far.

    Yay for new shoes!

    I know for myself, I felt a need to do another half marathon before moving up to the full. I didn't feel like I ran the half as strongly as I could have and felt like I would do well to have a better base before pushing the distance that much more.


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