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Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 33: Day 1

Hey!!!  Sorry I have been gone...what's hilarious about that is YOU probably didn't notice because it's only been one day of no posting, but I feel like it's been for-eh-ver because the past two days have been SOOOOOO long.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Why have they been so long?  Well, yesterday I was pretty sore, but that did not mean I could be lazy!  I took all the kiddos to church for 1st AND 2nd service (uhm, confession: I read a book during one of those services...it was a Christian book, though!), and then we came home and ate lunch and it was a beautiful day outside and I really felt like I needed to go to the grocery store and we heard back from the realtor about the house we wanted and we got approved (!!!!) and there was just so much to talk about and figure out and blah, blah, blah!  So, by the time I crashed into my bed around 8:30, I was aching pretty darn bad...possibly even close to tears!  Ugh.

This morning, however, I woke up feeling great!  I slept really, really hard...woke up one time and didn't know where I was!  It felt grrrr-eat.  So, today was Shaun's first day of unemployment.  I'm not sure how many people reading this care about my personal life, but basically Shaun tried to do "the right thing" by giving notice at his job as soon as we knew we would be leaving...it bit him in the butt when his boss found a replacement very quickly and then told him she couldn't afford to pay him for October so Friday (last Friday) was his last day.  It was a shocker, but through prayer I have realized it will not break us.  We will be fine.  Unfortunately, getting used to him being around 24/7...well, that is going to take longer than one day.  I would wager a guess that I will not get "used to it" before he returns to work.  Here's hoping, anyway.  Haha!

I will be honest with you...i have not paid one bit of attention to any diet plan.  I have not run since Saturday's marathon.  I have just been living my life.  We got approved for the house, so today was all about splitting up the stuff - yard sale stuff, donation stuff, give back to friend's stuff, keep stuff, pack stuff.  Holy moly.  I didn't even put a dent in it!

Tomorrow I will begin a new training plan!  This one promises to have me running a sub-25:00 5K in 12 weeks.  Yeehaw!!  This will be my first training plan with actual "work" involved...some "tempo" runs and some speedwork, some hill training.  I am very excited.  VERY.  I have a 5 mile Long Run on the schedule for tomorrow.  I will be taking the twins in for their first dentist appointment at 8 am (is it weird i am totally excited??), then dropping them and Zoe off at school at 9, and I will go run then.  I have signed up to do some "secret shopping" tomorrow for a little (very little) extra cash, and I will finally get to the grocery store.  My poor family might be over the random meals I have been making.

I have one last thing to mention.  A very good friend and LOYAL reader/follower has given me this to post for her...

Free Home and Auto Quotes
No obligations and no annoying phone calls afterwards!!
Could possibly save you money for the same coverage you currently have!!

All you have to do is call 1-877-855-8111
You will need my Solution # 1FTRJ and name SHAPAKA

Once you find that your quote saved you money give us a call for more money saving opportunities. We care about you and your family’s needs.
Adam Shapaka and Heather Baker
(330)432-7479      (330)407-1163

Now that you have protected your home and auto, take the next steps to protect your family and secure your financial freedom! Don’t wait…call us today!
See if your other coverages can be beat!

I actually did call for myself even though I told her I have been with GEICO for years and I have looked around and never found cheaper.  Guess what?  They totally got me a cheaper rate...saved me $100 off my six month rate!  Nuts.  SO...as it says "no obligations and no annoying phone calls"...totally true.  I didn't purchase the plan right away and the guy let me get off the phone very easily.  It was not a lengthy conversation and I felt comfortable right away.  I will be honest and tell you I normally HATE getting "free quotes" because they get so pushy afterwards!! 

So, if you are curious, give them a call.  Don't forget to write down the Solution Number and last name! 

One very final thing - the Shrinkvivor tribes were announced and I am on Team Pink!  We renamed ourselves the Pink-bury Dough Girls.  Hahahaha.  (The "captain" spelled it pinkberry, but I wanted you to understand the reference)  Fun!!  Weigh-ins for that challenge will be Wednesday, so I'll just start reporting my weight on Wednesdays here, too. 

Have a great night!!  xoxo
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  1. Hey Audrey!!!! Congrats on the house and on the marathon again. Truly God is doing great things in your life!! As the saying goes, God closes one door to open another so (try to) enjoy your hubby being around 24/7.

    I am really proud of you after reading your start and seeing how well you are doing now. I know you haven't reached your "goal" yet but trust and believe: you are motivating many others to work towards their goals as well!!

  2. Thank you so much Audrey for the add of the home and auto quote! Adam and I greatly appreciate it! For anyone interested, please let us know if you have any questions before or after....both of our numbers are listed.

    Keep up the great work Audrey! You are awesome!

  3. Congrats on the house girl!!!

    A shame we didn't get on the same team for shrinkvivor....I'm on Team Blue.....we are called Blueberry Muffin Tops......lol


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