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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 1!!

Gooood morning!

I gotta be honest with you, it is NOT such a "good" morning around here.  Sigh.  The changing of the seasons has caused everyone in this house to feel a little under the weather and I'm sure you can all guess who is the biggest baby in all of this.  (hint, not me)  Dealing with 4 kids with bad attitudes and sniffly noses is one thing...add in the unemployed 31 year old hubs and I am about ready to run away!

Shrinkvivor starts today!!!  My official weigh-in this morning was 186.  This week's challenge is fitness minutes....awesome.  Truly, truly awesome.  I have found a 15K to run in Washington DC on December 3rd, and my training starts yesterday today!  The timing of this run is perfect...I think...well, I have decided.....um.  Okay, I'm going to run the Charlottesville FULL Marathon!  Maybe.  Probably.  UGH!  I am feeling really good about the half, and I really enjoyed it the whole time.  Is it weird that I feel like the challenge wasn't enough?

I'll think on this a bit longer...I have my eye on the 15K for now.  The biggest reason to do the 15K is it's called "Will Run For Chocolate" (yum) AND instead of a t-shirt you get a running jacket!  Niiiiiiiiice.  The back says "Hot Chocolate 5K/15K"...I thought about doing the 5K, but I really want to do some serious training that involves some long runs.  I really, really enjoy my long run Saturdays!!  Running "away" from all the whining and crying at home....and the kids, too.  Hahaha.

Sorry to be such a "husband-basher" this morning...tooooo much togetherness!!  The moving planning is really falling into place and getting us stressed excited!  We are having a yard sale this weekend and trying to focus on the short goal of getting everything together for that.  I have to manage carefully because Shaun is pretty good at wanting to sell everything.  Nevermind if it's a family heirloom or the kids' favorite toy or clothing I wear daily!  He keeps mentioning moving to Charlottesville with whatever fits in the van.  Really?  No.  He just gets overwhelmed easily.  Good thing I'm around.  Hahaha.

I gotta get on these fitness minutes!!  As soon as I get some coffee, I'll be heading out for a quick 2 mile run!  Hmmm...maybe I should WALK all my runs to get more minutes?  Hahahaha.

Have a great day!!


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  1. I feel the SAME way about the half now that its done - I am ready for the next bigger challenge of a full. I am looking at doing the Disney full in January 2013. Although, I am nursing a foot injury right now so I can't run at all and its killing me. I actually have another half in a month! That one will be for fun though, the next "challenge" on my plate is the Oak Barrel Half in TN next April!

    The "Will Run for Chocolate" race sounds fun!

  2. JENN!!! I have tried commenting on your blog 6 times and it keeps erasing!!! Grrrr. So, here is what I tried to post to your 1/2 marathon posting today!!

    "(this will be 3rd time commenting!!)

    Okay, since I'm frustrated that these keep getting erased somehow...this will be shorter. Here's the Cliff's Notes of what I have been TRYING to post!!!

    1. Thank you for the recap, I have been waiting! :)
    2. I also want to go sub-2.
    3. We can have a Tall Girls Sub-2 Club.
    4. Maybe I can do Disney Jan. 2013, too!
    5. I am losing my mind. :)

    You are very motivational to me and I am loving your blog, so thanks for being here."

  3. I'll run in anything that has hot chocolate as a part of it. I hope the run went well this AM!!!


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