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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 31: Day 1

One week of Jackie Warners plan = 7 pound loss; One week of Audrey's "plan" = 5 pound gain.  Yeah, I think we can tell who the professional is!! 

I'm not worried about it.  I look good, I feel good...I am back to focused.  I guess I just needed that teenager-stretch (basically trying things myself) and now I will go back to following a PROVEN diet.  Hahaha.

I am also going to try something a little different this week with my running!  I need to log 13 miles between Monday and Thursday, and I am so over getting up before the sun is shining.  I am taking a cue from a few blogs I follow and I'm going to split up my runs to get all the miles in any way I can.  I am about to load the kids up in the double stroller (yep, 3 in a 2-seater) and push them to the park a mile away...running.  Then we will, obviously, have to get back home.  If they are playing outside later and the neighbor "cooperates", I plan to ask him to watch them for 10 minutes while I run around the neighborhood.  Tomorrow and Thursday I have no kids with me during the day, but I do have some meetings and other things planned, so I definitely can get a few miles in each day, but I don't really have a spare hour or so to get lots of miles in.  The only reason I'm not running Friday is that I have a long run of 10 miles on Saturday.  Then we are into the final week before the half marathon!!!  I am so excited!!!  Every time I wake up overnight (to put a child back in their bed, or remove the cat from a child's bed, or change wet sheets, etc.) I have the hardest time going back to sleep while I imagine all the awesome scenarios for the finish line of the half.  Hahaha. 

Food wise I am following Jackie again.  Here's the deal with the Sensa - it definitely works.  I am decidedly FULL and NOT HUNGRY when I remember to sprinkle it on my meal.  However, the problem lies in ME.  I do not have to be hungry to eat.  I can always make room for Jello bread, honey, peanut butter, nuts, bread, fruit.  Even though these things may not singularly throw me WAY off course, combined in excess, they are not good.  No. Bueno.

This week is going to be great!  I am praying that I have a rather big announcement to make soon!  Today's devotional reading involved being with Jesus "quietly", so I am waiting patiently and quietly for His plan for me to happen.  The wheels are definitely churning in an exciting direction, but nothing is set in stone yet.  So, we wait.  And I promise you, I am fine with that.  There is nothing better than knowing your life is in the Hands of someone far more capable than you of doing Good!

Have a great day!

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  1. Nice to find your blog too! I have a hard time pushing two kids in a jogger, so I can't imagine pushing 3!!

  2. You are so amazing. I love hearing at you are doing well. Good job, Audrey. We miss you guys! - Aimee Bogitsh


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