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Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 33: Day 5

Good morning!!!  I cannot sleep.  That is the strangest thing to me...because this girl loves her sleep!!  I woke up a little before 5, and I have just been lying in bed with my eyes wide open.  Sigh.

I usually try to figure out what is keeping me awake and pray about it, but I really can't pinpoint anything!  Maybe I'm just done sleeping for the night?

Shrinkvivor posted a "mini-challenge", that I guess is just done on the honor system, but it is to eat NO fast food this week.  Easy-peasy!  When I read this and subsequently thought "I can so do that", I began thinking about our upcoming move and having to pack food and snacks to keep us happy and, hopefully, away from any drive-"thru"'s.  (side note: I hate, hate, hate when people spell "through" t-h-r-u.  It is ridiculous.  It is incorrect.  However, when I tried typing drive-through, I felt stupid.  Because it looks dumb.  HA!)

So, fitness minutes are going well...except one of the girls on my team said something about doing an hour a day and hopefully two hours each day over the weekend!  What the what?!?  I don't have that kind of time!  I did 30 minutes on Wednesday (5 minute warm up/5 minute cool down and a nice 2.3 mile run!), then 32 minutes yesterday (same warm up/cool down, but I ran almost 2.5 miles), and 10 minutes last night of push ups and sit ups.  I was going to take a rest day today, but now I'm feeling like I should do something!  I do have Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD....been hearing good things about it.....

We are having a yard sale today.  Maybe this is why I can't sleep?  That seems like a reeee-diculous thing to be stressed about, but who knows what the inner workings of my brain focus on!?  This morning I am going to help Shaun set up and then my "job" is taking the kids somewhere fun so he can be the awesome salesman he truly is...hahaha.  I'm being completely serious, actually.  Shaun is gooooood at sales.  I have asked him before if he would like to switch careers and be a car dealer!  He says no. 

After our yard sale, we will begin boxing up and getting ready to move.  We were thinking the 17th, but now I kind of would like to go sooner.  We really have nothing else tying us here...and after this whole week of full-time togetherness, I think we are ALL ready for Shaun to get back to work!  We found a website called U-Ship...anyone have experience with this?  It is a division of eBay.  Basically, you post what you are looking to have "shipped" - it can be one item or lots of items or, in our case, a whole house.  Then, movers bid on your shipment and you can accept or decline the various bids!  We put an ad up just to see what happened (our budget is VERY low), and we actually got a really decent offer.  SO, now we just need to accept the offer and get to packing.  (we were looking at about $470 to rent a truck, then you include gas which was estimated at about $256, and Shaun was really not wanting to drive the truck - but would have!; this offer is $859 and all we do is load the truck!)

What else can I bore you with this morning?  hahahaha.

I went back to Slim Fast.  My 15K training has about 4-6 weeks of "easy" stuff before the long miles get in there, so I decided I should cut back on calories and get back to some weight loss!!!  Yesterday with the Slim Fast went well.  For good measure, because I could NOT stop eating dinner last night, I sprinkled my "Bacon Cheddar Quiche" piece with Splenda.  It definitely made me full.  I felt stuffed and even a little uncomfortable.  It was the yummiest quiche I have ever had.  Mmmmm.  Super easy to make, too!  Just a pie crust with 1/2 package of bacon cooked and chopped, 1 cup of cheese on top of that, Shaun blended (yep, made him help with dinner last night) 5 eggs and 1 cup of heavy whipping cream (side note: I didn't specify and he went with the "heavy" before I noticed), poured that on top and baked at 350 for 50 minutes!  We also had salad.

Okay, I guess I will go see what's on tv and start getting yard sale goodies ready...everyone cross your fingers and pray we have a good turn-out!  It's always more fun when you get rid of the things you have set aside and become willing to part with.  :)

Have a great day!

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