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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 32: Day 2

Miss me?  :)

Well, this morning's weigh in was niiiiice...183!  (applause, applause)

55.5 pounds lost so far on this journey.  Let's continue this d-o-w-n trend, right?!?

Other than that, not much to discuss.  The half marathon is Saturday morning and I am very, very, very excited.  Woke up at 3:30 this morning because the cat was trying to find a suitable place to sleep, and apparently his choices were either on my face or Zoe's.  Either way, the answer was no.  I put him outside, then Zoe wanted "milk", then I laid in bed and thought I was on my way back to dreamland when the computer randomly shined a bright light in the room!  Weird, right?  I have no idea why, but there is a light on the cover and it just decided to shine.  BRIGHT.  So, I got up to take it in another room and this woke up my husband who came out to find me and ask what I was doing.  I walked back to bed and I heard the sliding glass door open...yep, he let the damn cat back in!  Cat came immediately back to our room to try again to find somewhere to rest his weary self.  Meanwhile, at this point my brain completely turns back on and starts thinking about the race and the scary dream I had this weekend about getting lost during the race!  So, yeah, probably got back to sleep around 5:30...to wake up at 6:15. 

I typed all of this earlier today and I have since lost my train of thought.

Well, 183 is awesome.  I went for a 40 minute run today that felt great...even though I used my "old" shoes.  It was strange at first, but I am going to love, love, love doing the half marathon in my Kinvara's after this week!  :)  My plan is to run for 15 minutes tomorrow morning and then again in the evening, and Thursday I will fit 2 miles in at some point.  Just keeping myself loose and getting some jitters out!!  Friday will be a full rest day and my current plan is to eat a nice, big dinner, then cottage cheese with fruit and nuts for breakfast before heading downtown.  When I went out to do my 10 miles last weekend, I totaly forgot to take anything to drink or drive ahead and plant something halfway!  So, the entire time I was just running on what I had drank and eaten at home beforehand...i felt fine, too!  That's awesome.

Well, enough rambling.  I'm heading out to Target to try on some new shorts and pray some of them will work!! 


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  1. Go to the two stores (similar to TJ Maxx) that are side by side at Nashville West. They have great workout clothing for cheaper than Target, Name brand too. I've gotten a few lately at Southern Thrift for SUPER CHEAP. All Nike as well. But it is hit or miss. Good work girl. I am so proud of you!

  2. Yay for 183 and good luck at your half! I'm heading to Target myself in a but here.

  3. So glad to have found your blog. You and I are at about the same point in our journey and its so nice to read other peoples' stories! Good luck with your half this weekend - I will be running my first half on Saturday as well!

    How ironic about the dream of getting lost during your half - I had a dream about getting lost too, and in my dream I still hadn't finished after 10 hours!! Talk about frightening!


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