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Picture Progression

(I am posting this "early" because I was just so darn excited about this outfit! The brown pants are NOT the same brown pants as in the top 3 pictures...these are size 16, the first three pictures are in pants size 18 and from Old Navy.  I am convinced Old Navy size 18=other stores size 20!)

(I am thinking I need to start with another outfit...I will find something a little tighter for the next few month's comparisons)

Okay, so, I had a new tight outfit picked out...and it fits.  Darnit!  Ha, ha...I still see a little "overflow" that needs to go, so there should be some better pictures in the future.  This is the smallest outfit I own...unless I start trying to squeeze in the kids' clothes!
Okay, picking out a new outfit for the 2nd half of this journey...

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