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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 30: Day 1

Week 30?!?!?!?  WOW!!  That is so crazy.  At this point, if I were "on track" with the 2 pounds a week for 40 weeks, I should be at 58 pounds down which would be 180.5.  I'm a little sad to report I am higher than that, but I am pleased to report it is only a little higher!  This morning's scale picture? 

Fuzzy, but readable!

184.5!!!  That is 54 pounds down from the beginning, and 7 pounds lost just LAST WEEK!  Oh, yes, Jackie Warner, i love you.  For putting common sense knowledge down in black and white to make it even easier for me to follow, for publishing it in book format, and for helping me get back on track!  Yeeeeehaw!! 

I wasn't going to use the 2 "treat" meals this weekend, but I kind of did.  She allows up to 1500 extra calories each day, and I definitely didn't go there, but I ate the free chicken biscuit after my 10K race Saturday and I indulged in some bites of the kids' foods yesterday.  Nothing major, just nibbles!  I sort of recognized the need for some "treats"...it gets frustrating when you tell yourself NO all the time.  This way, I got to indulge and just reminded myself it was allowed and I moved on.  No big deal.  :)

This morning, the kids ran in their first Fun Run!  A 1K race in downtown Franklin...it was very fun.  At the beginning, the twins were running great, but then another kid darted in front of Henry and he fell pretty hard.  He was crying and Jack started crying because he was so overwhelmed with all the kids running and cheering going on.  Luckily, a friend was there to take the twins from me so I could sprint ahead and catch up with Conner!  He was so fast!!  Unfortunately, that lasted about a block and then he wanted a break.  I told him to walk, but he wanted to sit!  He kept getting spurts of energy and then he would stop again.  A little frustrating, but I realize it was a lot to expect him to run the whole time.  Ha, ha, ha.  When we got to the corner before the finish line, Jack and Henry re-joined us and we all ran across the Finish Line!  It was very fun, but only Jack has expressed an interest in doing it again. 
Conner, Jack, Henry, and Derek (our next door neighbor)

Conner, Derek, and Jack at the Starting Line!

Jack and Conner sprinting to the Finish!

So, I finally got the Sensa in the mail!  I haven't been consistent with putting it on foods just yet.  It's hard to remember!  I am trying to stick with Jackie's plan, too, so I'm not really sure how this Sensa will affect that?  Basically, after reading all the materials, it says it is supposed to make you feel full faster.  I haven't noticed that, but I haven't had a problem with being hungry on this diet.  Also, it does say to not purposely (purposefully?) eat MORE just because of the Sensa.  So, I think it's just a diet and exercise enhancer.  I'm going to go ahead and send the 2nd month back because I cannot afford $90, but I will give the Month 1 supply a good ol' try.  I feel no different yet, but I promise to use it consistently this week while still sticking to my meal plan.  If I have more great loss, then maybe I'll try a week of no diet and just Sensa?  I am so nervous to sabotage myself at this point!!  I cannot even let myself get excited to see 170's, but I am so close!!!! 

This week's running plan is 2 five milers and then 10 miles on Saturday.  After the 10K this past Saturday, I was worn out!!!  It was great, though.  I ran with a very motivating friend and she turned out to be the perfect running partner for me!  Yay!  Yesterday morning I went out with another friend for an easy 3 miles around the neighborhood.  We chatted throughout and walked a couple of times...she is easing back into some training after taking a few months off after her half marathon back in April (or June?), and I was just wanting my legs to stretch a bit because they felt super tight.  Today I had to do a little sprinting with the kids, but I am planning to REST for the remainder of the day.  Thank God for rain.  Not only did we seriously need it to cool the temps, but it should make for some good napping weather later! 

I hope everyone had/has a great Labor Day, and I will be back tomorrow!!

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