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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 29: Day 4


Today has been great. Yes, it is a day all the kids go to school, but also I am really a big fan of this diet plan!! I have absolutely NOT been hungry. Today was magazine delivery day, so I got a lot of exercise in, for sure. Not to mention I was driving the van with no air conditioning and it was at least 99 degrees for a majority of my day. Whew. I am pretty sweaty. Nice, right?

I also got up early this morning and ran a cool 3.09 miles. Yeehaw. My knee has been bothering me a little bit....and my shins. It's doesn't really feel like a big deal, but it is a little bit creepy feeling. My knee sort of "knocks" (?). It really only does it for my first, maybe, 6 minutes of running. So, I tried out a new footing technique. Not sure if that is the right wording, but I have been doing some reading on the whole minimalist thing. Also, my good friend runs with the "correct" form for barefoot running. Last night I checked out a few blogs about this and I just decided my pain is coming from poor form. Especially since I bought the minimalist shoes, so I really should be doing it right! Well, Shannon has talked to me about it before, so I tried it out today. Basically, I tried to run on my tippy-toes. This would not be easy, so I didn't accomplish THAT exactly...is this making sense? Since I actually have shoes on and I'm running, my foot automatically lands all the way on the ground, but when I made it a point to point my toes as I ran, I noticed the pain went away! It actually felt really good. I shortened my stride to a 1, 2, 3 pace (thanks, Ericka), and I really enjoyed the last 2/3rds of my run! The only thing I noticed was how hard I had to concentrate to continue doing it right. I wasn't listening to my music that is at the "correct" BPM's, I didn't have anybody else around me to match pace with, and I didn't wear my foot pod, so I wasn't able to monitor my cadence or anything! I was trying to lose myself in the run and just let my mind wander, but I really had to focus to not go too slow and to keep my stride right and my foot just so. It was exhausting both physically AND mentally! Haha.

My sweet friend assured me it will get easier and more natural. Hooray!

This morning I had my apple and coffee before my run, then I made a Whey Protein shake with water and frozen strawberries afterwards. Yum, yum, yum! We got Conner onto the bus, packed everyone's lunch, gathered coupons for a quick grocery adventure, then headed off to the littles' school. I packed myself a 4 ounce piece of chicken, 2 slices of 100% whole grain bread, and a cup of carrots to eat during my deliveries. I thought I would try to wait until noon to eat, but I just couldn't wait. Something about knowing the food was just sitting there in the passenger seat? Crazy, I know. So, I ate it all by 11. My route took until 2 to complete, and then I stopped by the grocery store for a few things. Picked up the kids by 3 and headed home. It is now 4:44 and I just finished my 2nd lunch/afternoon snack of oatmeal with almonds and another 4 ounce piece of chicken. I wanted to make eggs, but just could not find the energy for it.

Dinner tonight will include a sweet potato, but I have no idea how I'm going to cook them yet! I cooked about 4 pounds of chicken last night and then separated what was leftover after dinner into 4 ounce portions. I do guess at this because I don't own a food scale, but I know the whole "palm of your hand" trick. This is where I'm getting all this chicken, haha. I baked them with cooking spray and some barbecue rub. Delish. I might make scrambled eggs for dinner (with sweet potatoes?) because I don't think anyone should have three servings of chicken in one day!

I weighed this morning for the giggles of it and was very happy to see a lower number than I've seen in a while! Wooohooo! I'll wait and share a picture of the scale on Monday. Here's hoping I can continue my good eating trend. Jackie Warner's plan actually calls for you to eat 2 "treat meals" over the weekend, but I'm going to try not to. Saturday morning I am running a 10K with a friend, so if she wants to go somewhere for brunch afterwards, I will join (hint, hint, Kristy! :)), but I really want to have a FULL good eating week before starting the 2 "treat meals".

**I heard from Kristin today, by the way! During her first couple of weeks, I was doing her grocery shopping. Mainly to see how much work it actually would involve if I started taking on clients, but also to make sure she would only have access to appropriate food each day. Well, she did great when I was shopping for her, but she admitted (to my answering machine) that she has not had time to get out and shop, so she's really trying to just eat LESS of what she would normally be eating anyway. I had a couple of thoughts. I might tell her to order the 30-day supply of Sensa to see if it works for her still eating "normal" foods. OR, I have also offered to be her full-time personal shopper. I figure, since I grocery shop at least twice a week, I might as well help someone else out at the same time, right? She has a 6 year old and 2 jobs! Also, she has been running every other day. She said she is at 210, so this is still 12 pounds down from day one and it has been less than a month. I say, Rock ON! :)

Have a great night,

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  1. I think you would be great having your own peice of the fittness business. I like the fact that you try all these new food plans so you'd know what would be more likely to work for others based on their tastes and lifestyles. Too bad you're so far away.

    Food is my best friend and my worse enemey. Maybe I need to switch up meal plans every couple of weeks like you did in the beginning to trick this stubborn body of mine.

    How's the Sensa coming along? Is it really tasteless?


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