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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 29: Day 3

I'm not afraid to admit I'm kinda hungry.  Probably not actually "hungry"...you know what I mean.  I want to munch and crunch!  I want to snack!  I don't want to diet!

Guess what?  You have to diet to lose weight.  Yep.  Just a little something I've learned...feel free to write it down.  Hahaha.  Now, I know some people like to refer to it as a "lifestyle" and that's fine.  However, I enjoy thinking one day I won't have to do this.  One day, maybe?, I will be able to eat whatever I want!  Snack all day long!  Get myself a shake at Sonic when rewarding the kids with a "Wacky Pack"!  Hopefully I won't want to do those things...but it's how I choose to get through the times when I feel I am "depriving" myself.

So, this morning I had my apple and coffee, and a bowl of low fat cottage cheese topped with canteloupe and honeydew.  Oooohhhh....mmmmmm.  It really was delicious.  I then had 20 ounces of water.  We had a bit of struggle getting everyone into the car and on the way to Bible study...just like every morning.  Every day we struggle.  No matter how much of a routine we are in, no matter how many times I explain to everyone what we are doing that day and where and what time.  Ugh.  All morning long today, the kids were all "yes, mom."  "Okay, mom, we will just watch Conner get on the bus, then come inside."  "I promise, mom, no bike riding." 

What do you think happened when we took Conner to the "bus stop" (front yard)?  Jack grabbed his bike and began riding around the yard.  Henry went to the next door neighbor's house and disappeared into their back yard.  I warned them several times that we were going RIGHT back inside when the bus arrived...."OK, MOM!"  Yeah right.  Ugh.  So, we got to fight a little and scream and yell and kick on the way back indoors.  Awesome.  They settled down for the most part inside - I normally would have just let everyone stay outside until time to leave, but I really, really, really needed a shower.  Trust me.  It was time. 

Well, we made it to Bible study and I made a very conscious decision to NOT enter the room with the food.  I saw several cakes and cookies and muffins enter that room...when I did a real and true "gut check" I totally admitted I wasn't even hungry!  I would have been completely happy to stuff my face with any number of the things available, but I definitely didn't NEED any of them to continue my day.  It was nice to have that realization!  On the way home, as I mentioned above, we stopped at Sonic for $1.99 Wacky Packs (yeehaw!), and the smell of that food was killer.  I made it home, though, and I had 2 slices of Whole Wheat Bread with salsa spread over it (I don't know), and the leftover ground chicken meatloaf I made for dinner last night.  I counted that as 1 Grain, 1 Vegetable (carrots and celery in the meatloaf, plus I had 5 baby carrots), and 1 Protein.  Yum, yum!!!  Finished that up with another 20 ounces of water and now I'm hanging out with the kids in the living room!

So, I started Jackie Warner's plan today, by the way.  Basically, each day I get 4 Protein servings, 3 Vegetables, 2 Fruits, 2 Grains, and 1 Fat.  I have a dry erase calendar on the fridge and I've broken these up on each day to cross off as I eat them.  I am planning to have scrambled eggs (1 whole, 2 whites) with oatmeal topped with almonds for "2nd lunch".  Then, for dinner, I will have a Protein and 2 veggies left.  I have a bunch of chicken to cook up and some spinach leaves.  Tomorrow is my magazine delivery day AND I am running in the morning.  Fun!  I will hit up the grocery store after my route is finished (hopefully) and stock up on some more goodies...I have gone back to my "menus".  I can't remember where I first posted about the menus, but basically I have given the kids 5 choices for breakfast, 3 choices of snacks, and 7 options on a lunch menu.  It helps me with grocery shopping and the words are printed below pictures of their options (helping them to read!) and it cuts down on the randomness of their "orders" at times.  I ask the kids what they want for breakfast every morning and sometimes they just say, "Uhmmmmm, uhhhhh.  Hmmmm.  Uhhhhhh."  I realized they have no idea how to limit their own choices.  If I say the various options they have it seems to overwhelm them.  I found the last time I did these menus, they responded very well to being able to SEE the items. 

Well, that was sort of a random tangent?  I had to save and come back (a few hours later!), and I have no idea where I was going with that last bit.  Sorry!!

Ha, ha, ha.  I am SO full today!  I had my 2nd lunch, but wasn't able to eat it until about 4, so it's now 5:45 and I'm putting off dinner because I am still full, full, full!  Love that, right?  Oatmeal with almonds.  Oh my goodness, yum.  Dinner is chicken and salad which smells and looks delicious (the family is already eating), but I really don't even want any just yet.  I could probably not eat again tonight, truly, and be fine.  I am running in the morning, though, so I kinda want to make sure I'm "fully stocked". 

Have a great evening!

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