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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 27: Day 2 (KLD 2)

Good EARLY morning! 

I am writing this before the mad rush of getting everyone (that's right, everyone) ready for school! 

* Yesterday was so awesome.  Seriously, I am on to something with this whole NOT getting up too darn early to enjoy the rest of my day!  It does have to be said, however, that I would not go back and change any of the days I was getting up so early.  The habit of running had to be made, and the only way to do that was truly having a time to myself to get it done.  That time would not have happened any other time of day.  SO - for anyone thinking "Oh, I don't have time."  Yes, you do.  It may be uncomfortable for a bit, but you have to create a habit before you can rely on yourself to really keep it up.  Now, I am missing running, seriously.  I am heading over to a Greenway after dropping off the littles at 9, so I am really excited about that!  Yesterday was so COOL!  We got Conner off to school (he has become and bus ride and LOVES it!  So does momma...pick up and drop off in our front yard?  Oh yeah.), and then I blogged and got dressed and we headed out to the streets.  The twins riding their bikes and Zoe in the stroller.  We live on a not-too-busy street, but cars will use it as a pass through and sometimes drive too fast, so we headed around the corner to a cul de sac.  The boys were able to just ride up and down and back and forth and circling as fast as they could!  Turns out they are pretty darn fast.  I decided to run along with them and use my stopwatch to sort of recreate Week 1 of C25K.  When I would begin running ("racing") with them, I would make sure I ran for at least 60 seconds.  Then, I would intentionally walk for 60-90 seconds to get my heart rate back down.  It was fun!  The boys thought it was hilarious that I couldn't keep up with them riding their bikes (by the way, Zoe's stroller is the worst stroller I have ever used, I truly HATE it)...especially at the point when my shorts FELL OFF!!!  Hilarious, embarrassing...all of the above.  So, we swung around to visit a neighbor who used to watch the twins when they were much younger (before I had Zoe).  We hung out at her house for about 20 minutes and then the boys were itching to get back out to their bikes.  I decided to let them ride about 50 feet up a slightly busier road in order to get to new not busy streets...that was the biggest workout of them all!!  Chasing after them and trying to keep them to the edge of the road and one twin is slower than the other so flipping my head back and forth to watch them both.  Whew!  A passerby (driving) even stopped to encourage me and said, "Girl!  You got to get that exercise in any way you can!  You doin' it!  Good job!"  It was sweet.  :)  So, we then got to go down a HUUUUGGGE hill and the boys were flying!!!  Made me very nervous, but they honestly did a great job of using their brakes just enough to keep themselves from going too fast and getting out of control.  I am so amazed at these little guys!!  When we got home I mapped our route to the best of my memory and it was over 2 miles that they rode!  Would you believe they did not get off the bikes once except for the short time we were at the neighbors' house?  Nice.  When we got home, I was as sweaty as I usually am getting home from a long run!  All three of them took a nap after lunch, so that made it all the more better.  :)

*I kept up with SparkPeople yesterday...the only thing I dislike about using that website (or any website for that matter) is that I do not have a fancy cool phone to track my food from anywhere.  I have to get on the computer every time, and if the point is to keep track throughout the day I find myself on the computer every few hours.  Normally, no, this is not a "problem", but it does get annoying...I am very easily distracted when I open up the computer.  I entered a recipe last night and got SO bothered by it wanting me to select category and type of food and enter instructions and blah, blah, blah.  I should probably just do it the old-fashioned way.  Carry a notebook around and write everything down...that way, too, it will be extra work and maybe I will decide I don't need to eat that extra couple hundred calories!  After reading the comment from Erin on yesterday's post, I did a little bit of research as to a proper "Runner's Diet".  I found some good information, but not really anything I could use outside of "tips"...like a meal plan.  You gotta tell me what to do or I am going to break all your rules and make up my own!  Runner's World magazine (my favorite) has a book out, so I'm going to stop by McKay Books and see if they have it there.  For those not in Nashville, McKay is the most awesome used book store.  You can get most books for under a dollar...I have found some of my favorites for 10 cents!!  They also have music, movies, books on tape...everything!  It's awesome.  So, I will check it out to see if they have this Runner's World Runner's Diet book...I do agree with her that I am not eating properly for the kind of exercise I have now added in.

*Kristin's Day One went GREAT!!!!  She weighed in the morning, but I need to get her permission once more to report the number.  She said she LOVES the soup and wants to eat it all the time (good thing cause she's gonna be eating a lot of it!).  The fruit salad was delicious and she was feeling good!  Her only complaint was the extreme "cleaning" effect the soup was having, but we both agreed this is to be expected when switching from what she WAS eating (particularly over last bachelorette party weekend) to all of these fresh, awesome foods!  Today I have set her up with a package of baby carrots, some sugar snap peas, and one package of steamable broccoli/cauliflower.  She also has all of the leftover vegetables from when I made the soup.  And, of course, I got her a baked potato for tonight!  Yum, yum!  I think she may have been nervous about eating a baked potato, but I assured her (and if she's reading this, let me assure you again) EAT THE BAKED POTATO!!  LOAD IT UP WITH BUTTER!!  It may feel so wrong, but it is absolutely a part of the plan and you need to eat it!!!!

*I do have 50 followers once again and will be opening up the E-Mealz giveaway!  Over the next 6 days, I will pose a question at the end of each blog posting...you will be given 1 entry for being a follower and 1 entry for every question you answer.  I will use Random.com (.org?) again on Monday morning to get the winner!  The winner will receive a 6 month membership to E-Mealz.com...this is the website I have been using to plan out our weekly dinners!  They give you 7 meals a week, with recipes, and a grocery list broken down by section of your chosen grocery store!  I use the Publix plan, and often take it to Kroger to compare prices. 

*I have a follower who is really, really wanting to do another challenge.  I am very competitive, so of course this speaks to me.  I was thinking about a 17 day diet challenge when Kristin begins that diet on August 25, 2011.  Let me know if you would like to enter this challenge!  Basically, we would all follow the 17-day-diet plan (I will detail it for those who don't want to buy the book), weigh in on day 1 and then day "18", and do percentages just like we did for the Slim Fast Challenge.  Interested??

Today's Bonus Question:  What is the farthest distance you have ever run?  My current answer is 8.65 miles...I am very excited for the answer to change to 13.1 miles in September!! 

Have a great day,             (Also, please vote by clicking the brown link below!!)
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  1. I'm all in for the next challenge!!!!.....just let me know where, when, and what it entails....ps weighed myself this morning....234.....down 2.4 lbs since Sunday....woot, woot!!!!

  2. That's my girl! :) Very nice loss...it had to be sneaky, huh?? Well, hooray!!!

  3. I am def interested in the 17day challenge...I'm always up for a challenge!! just give me the details! ::
    My total distance is about 14.5miles...totally be accident! I am directionally challenged and we got lost while running the Country Music Marathon course and went out of our way over a mile! silly me! lol

  4. Kristy, I am cracking up that you got lost during a marathon!!! Oh...wait...re-reading that, maybe you were just running it for practice? Ah. That makes more sense...still funny. :)

    I think you will like the 17 day diet. It's pretty specific and I have a good friend who is super skinny because of it! I did it a while back...I'm pretty sure I got good results. :) Zone info coming to your inbox, by the way!

  5. I might be up for the challenge. Will you send me info about the 17 day plan, please? Work is starting again and we have retreats and meetings etc with all sorts of temptations but perhaps a competition could help me out. To answer the question: I am still a very new runner so the longest distance I have run is only 2 miles. But that will change!!


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