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Saturday, August 6, 2011

In which I discuss heat, laziness and my old nemesis the treadmill

Ok I caved. I know I said I would never, ever, ever run on a treadmill again after Destin, but my miles this week have ALL been treadmill miles. I can't help it.


Now listen - I suspect a lot of you reading this are Nashvillians, and having lived there myself, I realize it gets really hot there. I know you're sweaty. I know that 100 degrees in the afternoon is brutal. I get it.

But see - here in Little Rock we're a little bit further south...err, and I think west (haha) and for whatever reason our temps tend to be a teensy bit hotter than yours. And by a "teensy bit hotter," I mean that we've consistently hit 110 and up this past week. Not heat index - real temps.

So yeeeah. If I haven't mentioned it before, I sweat a LOT when I run when it's mid-70s in the morning. When the mercury is tipping 90 degrees at 6 am....well, I sleep in. Specifically, I roll over, check weather.com, groan and then go back to sleep for a couple of minutes. Or I go make coffee and watch tv. The point is, I don't run.

This was becoming a problem for me. I had the "itch" all week to run, but I truly, truly had no itch to run in 90 degree heat. Last Saturday when I did a 6 mile run, the temp climbed to the mid/upper 80s during the course of my run and it was sooo not fun. I love a good sweat during my workout, but I hate feeling sun beating down, the air going still, and that feeling that the air is actually thicker because of the heat. Gross. So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I just sat. Or slept. Or whatever. And by Wednesday I was feeling insanely guilty, so I got up and did my Kenpo X video (from p90x) and felt a little better, but still guilty because I wasn't getting miles in.

Long story slightly less long, I ultimately decided I had to do something, so I am in the middle of a trial week at a gym nearby. I hit the treadmill yesterday and this morning, and while it's still not my favorite mode of getting a run in, I really DO feel a whole lot better physically and mentally just getting a few miles under my belt for the week. And it's been nice to have access to all of their weights and machines as well, so I think I'll go on and join and as this heat wave dissipates, I'll just have another cross-training option. They also offer a Zumba class, and I've really been wanting to try one.

In any case, that's the latest. This was my first week back to work full time since I had Sadie Baby, so I needed an endorphin rush - she started daycare. :( Mama guilt was in full effect this week. For the record, not any easier putting a second child in daycare than it was the first. Back to playing the Powerball, eh? ;)

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