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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 26: Day 2 (SFC Day 10)

Good morning!

This will be a quick, short post.  I just had a couple of thoughts I wanted to share...

1.  I saw 188 on the scale this morning!  Yeehaw!!  Now to only go DOWN from there, right??

2.  I have revamped my Slim Fast tactic.  I was trying to eat my 500-calorie meal at lunchtime and finding myself not wanting to stop eating once I started.  Last night was grocery night, so I planned out our dinners for the next 5 days and ONLY bought those ingredients.  Obviously, I got a few things for breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the family, but nothing that is too enticing for me.  After I put everything away last night, I was telling my husband that it is easier for me to not snack when everything in the kitchen is a part of a "meal". 

3.  Today's interval run was 6 minutes run/1 minute walk and it was awesome!  I felt great and even had a little burst of energy at the end to make it to the end of the street for my mapping to be easier.  Ha, ha.  During my run I decided on my music for the Tomato Fest 5K this Saturday.  Since I have a goal of finishing in 27 minutes or less, I have decided to use my Christian Workout music for 25 minutes and then have 2 minutes of silence.  This way, I will run comfortably (hopefully fast) during the music (only choosing songs with the BPM's higher than 140), and when the silence starts, I will know I need to just kick it up to the finish line.  I have heard from others who are experienced with this route that it is a bit hilly and I really feel like the Firecracker 5K was not, so I'm nervous about that.  However, if I improve my time at all, I will be happy.  The 27 minute goal is just to get out of paying for the Somerville 5K, right, Ash?  ;)

4.  I officially have 50 followers now and feel the need for another contest!!  It will be next week, so be on the lookout...

(Finally) 5.  I am working on my Tomato Fest outfit and I think it's going to be a good one!!  Look forward to pictures this weekend.

That is all for today.  I did end up buying some more earbuds for the ipod and had a stern talk with the kids about NOT cutting anything other than paper.  And only paper that has been preapproved by mom or dad.  We'll see if that sticks.

Have a great day!

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