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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 26: Day 4 (SFC Day 12)

Good afternoon!

It has been a whirlwind day so far and I cannot believe it's only 1:00 PM...I totally need a nap.

So, first things first, Conner started kindergarten today.  He looked SO cute and I was all set to take a picture...when the batteries died.  Ugh.  So, I did manage to get a couple shots with my cell phone...

He did great, I did great.  We have both been ready for this day alllll summer long, so I wasn't surprised with the lack of tears and sentiments.  He knew I would be back to pick him up in a few hours and I knew he would be the same "little" Conner when I picked him up.  :)

Moving on...this morning's run was awesome.  I felt great and managed to increase my distance even thought I ran the exact same intervals for the same amount of time as the other day.  That was fun!  I was seriously sweaty when I got home, although the weather was perfect for running.  Shaun stayed home while I took Conner to school, so I didn't have to get up and run quite as early.  It's quite different running when the sun is up...even if the temps are cooler.  I was g-r-o-s-s!  I am really, really excited about the Tomato Fest 5K on Saturday.  Nervous a little, but mostly excited.  My outfit is complete and I cannot wait to post some pictures!!  Since the run is only 3.1 miles, I am hoping to recover my legs enough to do a short 2-3 mile run on Sunday, as well.  My half marathon training calls for 7 miles that day, but I also surpassed the other three days' 3 miles this weeks, so I guess the total may end up being the same regardless.  The interval training would be another day of the 6 min run/1 min walk...I probably have too many "trainings" going on at once, huh?  Ha, ha, ha.  I always have been quite the multi-tasker!  Who knows, maybe I'm on to something...

I am very excited about something else, by the way!!  A friend has "hired" me on as her personal diet consultant.  "Hired" does not imply payment, and diet consultant really is going to translate to me being the boss of the food that goes into her mouth.  But I cannot wait to see if I have it in my to help someone on their own weight loss journey!!  She approached me, and I really thought about it a lot yesterday and came up with a plan that we both have agreed on.  "She" is Kristin.  Kristin wasn't going to let me put her picture up here until she realized it would be true accountability at that point.  SO, Kristin's plan will begin Monday, August 15.  I will post little "blurbs" about her plan/progress each day...I am starting her with the Cabbage Soup Diet, and then I plan to join her for 3 days of Slim Fast and Phase 1 of the 17-day diet.  I will be doing her grocery shopping and meal planning, so she has no food to think about for the next month - all she has to do is eat it.  Fun!!

I hope you have a great day, I'm really going to get a little nap in before picking up the three youngest from preschool!

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  1. Lol, that's actually really impressive, I have trouble enough watching my own diet, let alone managing someone elses! Although I'd probably be far too strict with someone else, and ignore all the little treats I still allow myself! Good luck with it all!


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