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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 27: Day 3 (KLD 3)

Good morning!

Very quick post...just a few things to say before rushing to make sure Conner doesn't miss the bus again!!

1.  Kristin's day 2 went great and she is loving this diet!!  She lost 6 pounds in the first day.  6 POUNDS!!!  We both recognize this may be "water weight" and losing the excess from the binging weekend, but 6 pounds is 6 pounds....so yay!!!  She doesn't know about banana day tomorrow just yet...I thought it would be fun to keep it a secret.  :)

2.  I am starting tomorrow with "A Week in The Zone".  A book I found for $0.25 at the used bookstore yesterday (told you it was awesome)!  They have a grocery list and specific meals detailed for 7 days.  I will start tomorrow because I didn't make it to the grocery yesterday and will be going tonight.  The family will be eating the same thing, so maybe everyone will weigh in tomorrow morning?  :)  Ha, ha.  Today I am not going to really pay attention to what I eat...I did that yesterday and gained 2 pounds.  Awesome.  Guess what this week is, also?  This will definitely account for gaining or staying the same, but usually equals a great loss afterwards.  USUALLY.  Here's to The Zone!  (anyone wanting to join me, email me and I will send along the details)

3.  Nobody answered the question yesterday.  That breaks my heart.  So, no random question today, I will just ask - Is anyone at all interested in 6 months of E-Mealz for free? 

Have a great day!

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1 comment:

  1. I would be interested in the details of the meals and the grocery store info! And of course....I am ALWAYS up for free stuff!


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