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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 26: Day 6 (SFC Day 14)


So, the East Nashville Tomato Fest 5K was this morning and it was FUN!  I woke up one of the twins, Jack, because he had told me before he really want to come with me...we left about 5:50 am.  Whew.  The atmosphere was super fun and there were a lot of people dressed in costumes!  Some as tomatoes, one man was dressed as a taco, and a few people in red togas.  It was pretty cool and I was very excited.  Jack hung out with a couple of my friends during the race, and I did feel some motivation knowing he was going to be seeing me run.  The route was pretty hilly, but nothing too bad, actually.  I think my biggest downfall was using my ipod.  At the Firecracker 5K I didn't have any music on and it was pretty cool to hear people breathing behind me and really FEEL the difference between just running any ol' day and racing.  So, even though I had super motivational music playing with fast beats and all that...it didn't result in a faster race.  Well, being honest, it was faster...just not as "faster" as I wanted it to be.  Firecracker 5K time was 28:20, and today's Tomato Fest 5K was 28:08.  12 seconds improvement.  I am a little disappointed, but I am finally coming around to realizing that is a great time no matter what, and I have to give some credit to the fact I feel great and truthfully could run a little more today if I needed to.

So back to 1/2 marathon training!  My next race will be in Somerville, TN, on September 10th.  With Ashley!  I'm setting zero goals for that race.  I think it will just be fun to be with Ashley and her family, on a mini-vacation.  I do think a bit of our competitive nature will come out and we may just have to "race" each other.  Ha, ha.

Slim Fast Challengers - send me your weigh-ins Monday morning!  I have already heard from Liz because she started before everyone else.  I'm actually kind of looking forward to weighing in.  I haven't followed the plan today, but I actually wasn't terrible this week...I'm coming to realize running brings out a bit of a hungry bear in me!  I was happier eating dinner with the family rather than lunch by myself, though. 

I seem to have "lost" a follower?  So, anyway, when I get back up to 50 followers, I will be doing another giveaway!  I have decided to buy 6 months of E-Mealz service for one of my followers.  Yay!  This is a great website, feel free to check it out...there is a link on the right of my page.  This is what I have been using to plan our dinners.  The website has you select a grocery store and they plan 7 meals a week for you, giving you the recipe AND a full grocery list broken down by aisle!  Very easy to use and really helpful.  Not to mention, there are recipes I have never even thought to use/make, so it keeps things fun in the kitchen! 

One other link I would like to ask you to click on...at the bottom of each post, you will see a box for Top Mommy Blogs, and I would love to move up their "ladder"!  If you like what you read, all you have to do is click there and it will register a vote for my blog!  If you have some spare time, you may want to stay on the site and read other blogs that are listed, too...I have found some great ones there. 

Welp, that's all for today.  I am taking Conner and Zoe to the zoo this evening for Member Night.  Free carousel rides...hopefully that means I can just sit back and enjoy watching.  I totally took a nap today, too.  Lazy girl!  It felt SO good.  We bought "new", very used, bikes for the twins today and Shaun spray painted them red and black.  They look pretty crazy now, but these bikes just have to last us until we ask for new ones for Christmas!  All three boys are riding without training wheels, so I'm thinking we will become a bike-riding family in the new year!  Fun!!

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  1. Hmmmm that's strange I lost a follower too.......weird someone must have deleted their account.....

    Slim Fast isn't my friend....I worked out 5 times this week and followed the diet to a tee and only lost 0.4lbs this week. Not a happy camper I must say....hope you did better.....

  2. Boooo!! :( I am so sorry to hear that. Maybe tomorrow morning's weigh-in will be different? Damn. I have some shakes leftover since I skipped yesterday, and I was thinking about doing 1 SF shake and 1 Whey Protein shake for 2 days. Your comment about the high sugar content made me think....also, the Whey Protein has fewer calories and WAY more protein. Of course, Whey Protein is crazy expensive for you. :)

    I wonder what the folks at Slim Fast would say to you about following perfectly and not seeing loss...

  3. oh I'm sure they would say I'm doing something wrong.....lol....it's never their fault.

    I have been doing this long enough to know better.....no biggie, I will just have to try something else!!!


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