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Thursday, August 18, 2011

W27: D4 (KLD 4; Zone 1)

My Titles are getting stranger!  Hahaha.  Helps me track of all my goings on. 

Well, this morning's run was brought to you (me) by the letters G-O-D.  I did NOT want to get out of bed.  Zoe was up at midnight and 2:30, both times to vomit what appears to be sinus back-up or teething saliva.  Thing is, she has no fever and I know she isn't sick...it just appears she has a more sensitive stomach than her brothers.  Who never vomited.  I don't handle that well, so Shaun cleaned it up the first time while I cleaned HER up.  The second time, however, it was on her mostly, so he put her in the tub while I cleaned up her bed and linens.  Again.  Wow.  This time when I got her dressed in fresh pj's, I put her in our bed and I went to sleep in her (clean) bed.  When that alarm sounded at 4:30 I had EVERY intention of rolling over and silencing it.  However, my eyes shot open and I felt like I could get up without much effort.  I sat up and then felt certain I could at least make it to the living room.  Baby steps got me dressed and out the door for my almost 5 mile run.  Yay!!  When I first got out it was SO dark...like, intimidatingly dark.  The longer these runs get, the earlier I have to leave in the mornings because Shaun still needs to leave by 6:15.  I was a little nervous especially when I realized we have very few street lights in our neighborhood!  Anyway, I just listened to the music and did some praying and all was good...my legs and lungs felt good, my feet moved at the right pace.  Everything this morning took VERY little thought...which is good, because I've been home for 20 minutes and I think I might have just woken up officially.  Ha, ha!

Let me tell you about our sweet Kristin!  She is ROCKING this cabbage soup diet!  Down 9 pounds as of yesterday morning and still loving the soup.  Like, she told me last night she wants to eat that for the rest of her life.  We'll see.  It's only been three days.  LOL  Today is her awesome banana day, I made her a fresh batch of soup last night so she is good and stocked.  I went ahead and told her about ground beef tomorrow so she's looking forward to that, for sure.

It looks like we will have some challengers for the 17-day-diet starting next week!  Exciting!!  I will look it over again this weekend and post details on the first few days...we start on Thursday, so I want to make sure everyone is able to have the list before grocery shopping.  The book has sample menus for each day, but you can also choose from a list making sure to hit the requirements of protein, carb, fruit, veg, etc...If you read all of this and decide to be a "Contender", I will just need a picture of your scale Thursday morning either emailed to ALDUNKLE@MSN.COM, or texted to my cell phone. 

Awesome, I'm going to get these kiddos ready for school and relax today!  Relaxing is probably going to involve some house cleaning, but it will be on MY terms, so it's okay.  Ha, ha, ha.

Have a great day!!!!


P.S.  Starting weight for my Week In The Zone - 190.
P.P.S. If you had one day fully to yourself with NO responsibilities...what would you do??  Let's say money is no object, but you only have 8 hours.

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  1. I would go shopping for myself and get that long overdue pedi.

  2. get a limo and pick up the girls and go "no holds barred" shopping and a gossipy lunch!!!

  3. I would go to a spa for all the treatments, have a personal chef cook for me all day and read.

  4. Hey Lady... I can't even imagine a day to myself with no responsibilities. Knowing me, I'd probably still workout and then go shopping and to the salon.

    I'm interested in seeing the new diet posting. I don't think I'm brave enough to compete but I'd be interested in trying to follow along with you guys.


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