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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 25: Day 2 (SFC Day 3)

Good Morning!

I feel horrible.  I haven't ran since SATURDAY!  I realize it's only 6:00 am on Tuesday, but I am so angry with myself for not getting up early this morning to get it out of the way.  The plan now is to go to the Y for an indoor track run after dropping Conner off at VBS at 9.  The track there is 12 laps to a mile, so I'm thinking I need to shoot for at least 50 laps.  I like round numbers.  Ha. 

I will say my excuse for not getting up this morning was that Shaun and I were up until 12:30 watching a movie!  We knew better, but it was a funny movie ("Hall Pass") and the fact that we both managed to stay awake is seriously saying something.  I call that a successful date night...and we didn't even have to pay a sitter!  Add to the late bedtime, Zoe woke up at 4:00 asking for milk and, of course, daddy's bed.  Sigh.  I went out to the couch and decided if I couldn't go back to sleep, I would get up and run.  I went back to sleep.  :)

I had all of the intentions in the world of running yesterday, but it just was not a good day.  I mentioned Conner has VBS this week, so trying to get out of the house yesterday morning was enough of a chore...Zoe's ears were draining and disgusting, so I had to make a doc appointment for her.  We finally manage to all get in the car with shoes and clothing on (it was tough!), and I keep thinking I'm going to head to the Y after the doc appointment, but when I found out she DID have an ear infection and she looked so sleepy and sad...we came home.  Only to load back up an hour later to pick Conner back up.  When Shaun got home I had to finish my magazine route, and there just wasn't any energy left for running.  Just none. 

On the Slim Fast front, however, I am doing awesome!!!  I have to admit I am so happy to be back to a real "strict" diet!  No real thought involved.  I made a crock pot meal last night that was a huge hit with the family, and I set aside my serving for today's lunch.  Got all my water drank and my two shakes and three snacks.  Yay!

How is everyone else doing??  We have one late entry I have received a weigh-in from...it's good ol' LJ from the "LJ Challenge!"  I guess they finally purchased an actual scale and the weight loss that was showing on the WII scale was not so much showing on a "real" scale.  I do not own a WII and have no idea what the scale is like?  So, LJ's official start weight is 243.5.  (For those who don't remember, LJ and I are in a "race" to see who can lose 30 pounds first.  I am down 7 from our original weigh in and he is down 5.)

I took a new picture to post for a "before" shot.  Basically, it is in my new goal outfit...this is the outfit I want to wear on our next date night.  Shaun and I have agreed we will figure out a babysitter situation where we can spend one night in a hotel...when I look good in this outfit...

Size 12 skirt, Medium shirt!
According to the husband, I already look good in it, but I totally see some workable areas.  Plus, I should've taken a sitting down picture because it is way too tight to sit comfortably at dinner! 

Anyway, I will end with a quote I found for the other Slim Fast Challengers...   "The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!"  -Marvin Phillips

Have a great day!!  xoxo

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  1. Girl you crazy......

    You look amazing in that skirt, and your legs???? hot stuff.....

    I started c25k yesterday morning, and I did the YOU: On a diet workout
    this morning for my off day.....I'm felling good!!!

  2. Looking good!!!! I like the quote too. You are truly an inspiration to me.

    I've been weighing in on the Wii Scale. I'm going to go use another one and see if my Wii results are true. I may be doing better than I thought I was. Then again, it could go the other way too. smh...

    @Bonnie - I started the C25K too. I'm really excited!!! I did day 2 yesterday


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