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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 29: Day 2

I promised to post every day, and I have 8 minutes before I need to go pick up the kids, so here goes! 

As I was running today I was thinking about some things.  Well, a lot of things.  During my run - which was mapped out by me yesterday and supposed to be 4 miles, also the first time I have run that distance (or more) with no intention of doing any intervals (meaning no walk "breaks"), AND was happening at 10:00 am which is significantly later (and sunnier!) than my usual runs...well, a lot was going on in my mind.  I kept wanting to quit, or cut out one little portion, but what kept me going was thinking about posting my run distance and time on dailymile.  Which, subsequently, automatically posts it here.  So, my drive to continue a tough run (only minorly tough, but there were a lot of hills and I was following my written down instructions, so I really didn't know what was next or where I was), was just the accountability of posting it here.  However, I do not seem to have that same "fear" when cramming my mouth with the damn peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts I cut off the kids' sandwiches!!  Apparently, at some point, I stopped being completely honest here and feeling like all anyone cares about is how fast I can run a few miles.

That stops now.  I know you all are rooting for me.  I know for a fact you all are just as anxious about the end of my 40 weeks and seeing if I can actually get to that 80 pounds lost mark, as I am!!!  RIGHT?!?!?  Something I sort of lost sight of was the fact I only started running...STARTED running, like, 3 and a half months ago!  Does anyone reading expect me to win this 10K on Saturday?  Does anyone expect me to have a time of under 2 hours for the half-marathon on the 24th? 

Does anyone expect me to lose the full 80 pounds in 40 weeks?!?

I am going to imagine you answered "no. no. YES!"  Right? 

Let's refocus.  I am into this running thing, yes.  I enjoy the way I feel (mostly afterwards), and I really, really like training and having something structured to follow.  I will NOT stop running.  However, want to know what I plan to START doing?  (again)  Ha, ha, ha.

You are gonna be my food journal.  SparkPeople-SchmarkPeople.  You are my people.  You have been watching from the beginning (or whatever), and you have been encouraging me and inspiring me and following this blog.  I love it.  You deserve to see me ROCK IT until the end.  Yes!

First thing this morning I had an apple with my yummy new Caramal Apple Pie coffee.  Some of you may cringe, but dude...it was freakin' gooooood.  I think made a Whey Protein shake with water, ice, a banana, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.  Also, very good.  :)  After my run I went to lunch with my big boy kindergartner and ate a bag of air-popped popcorn (80 calories) and his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  (eek!)  I didn't pack anything and the veggie choices of corn or spinach just weren't doing it for me.  LOL  At home I had a bowl of low-fat cottage cheese topped with almonds and a plum.  Mmmmm. 

I am planning out our week of meals and heading to the grocery store this evening, so I will have a small dinner that is heavy on the vegetables.  I haven't completely decided what meal plan I would like to follow, but I am considering Jackie Warner's plan.  If you recall, I only did her 2 week Jump Start, and I'm thinking I need to give her a few weeks try...the back of the book contains sample menus for me to follow.  I like it easy. 

Time's up!  I'll write more tomorrow!


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1 comment:

  1. Yes!! I'm the first to post. Ha ha
    Anyway, I'm glad that you realize we're all here to support and encourage you. While I do look to your blog for cool ideas on nutrition and running, I realize that you aren't perfect. One of the many things I like reading here is that when you try something and it isn't what you thought it would be, you say so and do better next time. You helped me realize its okay to start over again as many times as I need to just so long as I don't quit.

    To have only started running 3 months ago and be able to run 4 straight miles is awesome! I know you'll do well in your 10K. Just be safe and have fun.

    You're doing great with the weight loss. Very committed. I only wish dedication was contagious. LOL


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