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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 25: Day 6 (SFC Day 7)

Full confession time:  When I run long distances I binge, binge, binge.  It's not a good thing, it's definitely NOT necessary, but something about the sore legs just translates to my brain as GRUB TIME.  Ugh.  Knowing this about myself is the first step, right?  Praying is step 2.  So, I've been praying about this and I was bracing myself for today and truly, truly attempting to be good and healthy and just find things to do outside of the kitchen...I started off fine and dandy, but then it rained and our pool plans cancelled and the only "fun" thing I could think of to do indoors was have the kids help me cook.  Great idea, right?  Well, great for the kids, but not so much for my tendency to snack.  We made a thin crust pizza with sausage, green peppers, and carrots.  And cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese.  Oh, it was so good.  Mmmmmmmm.

Guess what I have been blessed with now?  A ridiculous sour stomach.  I overate the pizza and will likely not eat another thing today.  Ick.  Tummy troubles are no fun.  However, it has helped me to reel the monster back in and stop the madness!  I took a couple hour "in and out" nap while the kids randomly napped and woke me up.  I mean, I remember Henry coming and asking me something that made NO sense at one point, I totally remember my eyes being fully opened and I just couldn't understand the words he was saying!  However, Shaun tells me Henry has been asleep the whole time?  Spoooooky.  Ha, ha.  Zoe and I were out on the couch and who knows what Shaun put on the tv for our dream-making enjoyment.  So, now we are all outside in the muggy weather and I'm drinking hot green tea.  Thanks for the tip, Jackie Warner!

So, no Slim Fast for me today, but I will get back on the bus tomorrow, promise.  I heard from a couple of challengers and they don't sound like they are being all too compliant either.  Wink, wink.  You know who you are!!  Let's refocus for this next week and end this challenge with some good losses!!!  Shall we say if you don't lose at least 1% of your starting weight, you have to donate $10 to the ADA??? 

Ooooh, speaking of suffering when you don't lose, I have devised a new "game" here at home!  Due to my random binges this week (uh, by the way, no school for ANY of the kids this week, so it was a long one!), I told Shaun we were going to make three "buckets" here at home.  Bucket #1 will be the "GAIN" bucket.  Shaun will fill this bucket with notes of tasks he would like me to do that he knows I will not be happy about.  This bucket will be drawn from if I show a gain of 1.5 pounds or more in one week!  Bucket #2 is "EVEN" bucket.  Give or take a pound, if it is the same as the week before, I will draw from this one and it will be full of tasks that are menial, but not exactly awful.  Maybe a full week of emptying the dishwasher, or putting away all the laundry.  Stuff that usually is shared Shaun's job.  Then Bucket #3 is "LOSS".  Losing 1.5 pounds or more will result in choosing a slip of paper from the Treat jar!  Manis and pedis and naptime, yeehaw!  Sounds fun, right?  The reason for the 1.5 deal is that my scale only weighs by the .5 pounds.  I would love to invest in something fancy that goes by the .2, but that will just have to come in due time, right?

Okay, folks, the computer is now at 13% battery power and the kids are asking if they can have a sleepover.  One bonus to having lots of children - a sleepover doesn't have to involve any other kids!  LOL

Have a great evening,

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  1. I purchased my scale @ WalMart for $20. I seriously need to start a blog so that I can vent about my other half and my lovely 4 children. I need to start defusing or I am going to blow a gasket!!!


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