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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 31: Day 6

Gooooooood morning!!!

Sorry I haven't been around.  No excuses will be shared.  Trust me, I have lots, though.  I just woke up and don't have my thoughts about me enough to have a great posting, but here are some bullet points I would like to share...

*  I officially signed up and paid my fee for Zombie Buffet 5K!  I signed up as a runner and chose wave 2 as my first choice or wave 3 as my second choice.  Basically, they are going to "release" the runners in 4 different waves and each of those waves will determine how many zombies you are likely to encounter during your run.  It's all very technical.  Hahaha!  I cannot wait.  I have thinking about a costume...not completely sure exactly what just yet, but cheerleader seems like an okay costume to run in, wouldn't you agree?

*  A few of the girls from my Mayor's Challenge 5K team have started training with the various offerings already!!  If you are interested, check out their website here for a list of all the groups that are meeting and when.  After the half marathon, I plan to meet at the McCabe Community Center for their 9 am runs on Saturdays.  Also, the Green Hills YMCA is offering trainings during the week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:30 (and Fridays).  You do not have to be a member if you are working towards the Mayor's Run! 

*  I have signed up for Shrinkvivor 2011!!  It is a 7 week Challenge offered up here.  Looks like a lot of fun and a good way for me to get back on track and have someone else tell me what to do!  Plus, you all know this girl likes a little competition.  ;)  I encourage you all to join up!!  There is even a non-weight loss group for those who want to participate in the " weekly physical challenges, check-ins, immunity idols, tribal councils" without losing any weight.  The registration lasts until Wednesday, September 21st, which is when they will randomly place you on a team of 7 and the challenge will begin on the following Wednesday, September 28th.

That's all my points for today, I think.  I am heading out in about an hour for my 10-miler, and then next weekend is the HALF!!  I am very excited.  I got a new shirt last night (yes, I will be wearing it for my run today to "test it out") and I am now looking for a white runner's skirt.  The black one would work fine, but I think a white one would be "prettier" with the socks I have chosen.  I'm such a girl, right?  This week I will only be doing 9 miles total throughout the week and I am definitely using Thursday as a FULL rest day.  Friday will be a "cross training with the kids" day...no plans yet, but I will try to at least be a little bit active with them to get my "jitters" out! 

Diet-wise, I don't know what to say.  I wish I could say I've been all good and on point...but I haven't.  I have been allowing myself bites here and nibbles there and a full slice of pizza last night.  It's just been hard!  For several reasons.  It seems that on days when I don't run (which suppresses my appetite for a good 2-3 hours), I am starving, like, alllllll day long!  I will eat the same breakfast as on any other day, but it will just do nothing but seem to fuel my hunger.  Very frustrating!  I should be using my Sensa, but I keep forgetting to sprinkle it on my foods!  Also, when I have a whey protein shake, or I'm eating a piece of fruit (like an apple or peach), I can't use it.  It's hard to form a habit with this, for some reason.  I have never been a big "seasoner" once my food is ready to be eaten, so that may be one problem.

Know what?  Basically...dieting is HARD.  It has become harder now that I've lost a lot of weight.  Hovering between 50 and 55 pounds lost is awesome, but I keep thinking about a time in my life when I weighed what I weigh now and I wanted to lose weight!  I want to have the stamina for that girl!  I will not, will not, will NOT give up.  I plan to kick ass at the Shrinkvivor Challenge and finish up these 40 weeks with a BANG!  I may be behind schedule, but that is NO reason to think I should stop here.  I can totally do this.

I found these pictures online...look how skinny my leg looks!
And, no, I am not wearing shin guards.  Haha.

Yeeeehaw!!  Have a great day,

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  1. You know, Audrey, the weight NUMBERS are trying to defuse you. I was thinking about it and decided that because you have added the marathon/running/exercise numbers there is a "fight" between these two! So, my conclusion is to keep on working toward your goal but remember the body changes that are happening will ultimately overcome those noisome weight numbers. Make sense? DZAKANAKA!! <3

  2. Hey Audrey,

    Just stopping in to say hello. Hello :) It's good to see that you are still hanging in there. I haven't been doing so well but I'm going to get back on the right track. How is the Sensa doing? I'm thinking of ordering but wanted to read some reviews from "real people" and not the people on their site. I don't trust those testimonials.



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