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Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 22: Day 5

Tomorrow is the drawing!!!  I have changed the rules a little bit...nothing major.  I discovered a website called Random.org and that is how the "drawing" will be done.  I am making a spreadsheet of everyone's entries, then I will have Random.org give me a random number that will correspond to someone on the spreadsheet.  Awesome.
So, this diet is my favorite so far.  I guess that would be kind of obvious considering I get to "eat what I want".  I am enjoying the add-ins, though!  I was already eating at least 2 fruit servings a day, and 3 vegetables is also easy since baby carrots are the best darn thing since....well, I don't know what, but they're good!  Also, celery rocks my world.  I've been dipping both of these in those Laughing Cow cheese spread wedges - Mmmmmmm!!!  One bowl of oatmeal is super easy to fit in, and the whey protein "shake" just gets chugged at some point in my morning.  (**side note, I totally agree with "anonymous" (mom?) about the fruit blended with the shake, but i don't own a blender.  Sad, I know.  Especially since Shaun and I were given 2 for Christmas in 2005.  We're hard on blenders!)  I intend to invest in one very soon (like, this weekend).  I have been scrambling two eggs for "dinner" while the rest of the family's dinner is in the oven, and I still stop eating at 6:00 pm.  Yesterday I did have a cup of decaf green tea, too, but missed it the day before.

So, for the past two days, outside of the making sure I get those items in, I have been eating whatever I want.  Turns out what I want is bread.  Lots and lots of bread.  This is resulting in quite the upset stomach on my part, so I think I have had my fill.  Today I'm going to start back to watching what I eat beyond the add-ins.  The weekends are kinda tricky when home with the kids (and husband) and the restock from the grocery trip(s), but I read a little further in TIWYF (This is why you're fat) and have decided to go ahead and start weaning out the chips and sugary treats for good.  I also plan to hit up Trader Joe's once a week and try some organic choices!  I have always complained that these are pricier, but I think we may be able to cut down on some costs in other ways (chips and sugary treats?) and just stock up on fruits and veggies.  Also, the kids love canned fruits, too, so I can just get a ton of those for them...

Rambling!  As I type this I am being constantly pulled in other directions to do other things.  The no tv rule is sticking and seems to be working well.  The kids don't even scream at me when it goes off at 7 anymore!  Progress!!  Tomorrow will be interesting as I head out for a long run and daddy will be home during the 7 o'clock hour.  I asked him to please uphold the rule and even gave him a couple of tips  on keeping them occupied away from television!  I plan to leave the house at 6:15 and promised to return by 9:30.  He'll be fine.  Right? 

So, as I join up as a follower to all these other blogs, I am noticing a lot of pictures being posted.  Does this mean my blog is boring with no pics?  I mean, I post them sometimes, but not every time....I think I'll start.  Here's how I'm feeling right this minute...

As I thought about what I wanted to google search, 2 of the boys began fighting and throwing markers at each other.  "Pulling Hair Out" is what came to me.  I think I feel like this at least once a day, so it's a good picture to start with! 
Anyway, today I'm going to do a Body Pump class for my 40 minutes of cross training.  Tomorrow's run is supposed to be 3 miles, but I am joining up with a group doing a 6 mile walk to get some more mileage on these feet!  Here's my plan:  My friend who told me about this group says they walk 3 miles to a point, then turn around and walk back to the cars.  This is all done on a greenway about half an hour from my house.  SO, I am planning to run at least the first 3 miles, then turn around and either walk all of it back, or (if I can) keep running until I can't anymore.  I haven't done anything (walking, running, or a combination) farther than about 4 miles, so I'm excited and maybe a little anxious about this plan!! 

Back to feeling like the picture, by the way...in the 2 minutes of trying to type that paragraph, two more children are fighting and screaming about who gets to carry the timer.  Seriously.  I have a timer because I discovered it is the BEST way to transition activities...they just get all caught up in who gets to carry it and who gets to push the buttons and who can put it up the highest on the fridge so the others can't reach....it's ridiculous.  I want to video all of this and use it as an at home "Sex Ed" class when they're older.  Think you wanna have sex and maybe have a baby?  Here's what you can look forward to kids.  Shoot - the boys may ask for vasectomies at 15!  Ha, ha.

Well, Zoe is "on the toilet" according to one of the twins...guess I'll end this now.

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  1. I was a nanny when I was in college, and every day when I got off work, I would kiss the kids good by and that there mother for the birth control.

    I am glad you are liking your diet. I am trying to stick with mine and not get too bored with it or grossed out with chicken. I seem to eat a lot of chicken, last night I opted to have cottage cheese and veggies instead of eating chicken again.


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