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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 23: Day 6

Howdy!!  Check out the mileage I put in today!!  Wow.  It was hot and it was long, but I feel grrrrrr-eat!  Truly.  So happy I finished and made relatively good time.  I decided today I was going to focus LESS on time and MORE on just the beauty of running and pushing my body to be in great, healthy shape.  Of course, I still want to run that 5K on August 13th in 27 minutes or less, so that WILL be about "timing".  Outside of that race, however, I am going to TRY...I guess that won't mean much, but I just really want to be less hard on myself if I slow down as I increase distance.

I am really looking forward to checking my measurements next week.  Also, for August 1st, I want to take a new picture to post.  I feel like it's been a long time, but I guess it's only been since July 1st.  I really don't see much change, but I look at myself every day so maybe taking a photo will help me see some transformation.

Well, I gotta be honest I am worn out this afternoon!!  According to my fancy heart rate monitor, I burned 1,215 calories this morning.  WHAT?!?  Rock on.  By the way, my new shoes?  Awesome.  Flat out awesome.  No blisters, no pain, no issues.  I love them.  LOVE! 

Later.  :)


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  1. WOW! Awesome mileage!!! My sister and I area planning on running a 5K in October and I'm not even dreaming of finishing that fast (LOL). You worked really hard and your hard work is paying off. I'm really happy for you :)


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