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Monday, July 4, 2011

W21: D1 (100th post!!)

Yay for Ashley's intro!  Yay for this being the 100th post!  Yay for finishing a 5K today!!!


 Whew.  It was f-u-n!  A tough run for me...passing people was awesome, being passed not so much.  I really felt good running.  I feel like I maintained my pace throughout.  My personal goal was the same as Ashley's - between 28 and 30 minutes.  I really didn't know what to expect since I'm more of an "indoor wus runner"!  I do want to say first - Ashley, awesome job!!!  You had mentioned averaging 10 minute miles, so you beat your own typical time AND after an off week!!  I am thoroughly impressed.  You totally smoked your guess of an hour!  Ha, ha.

Well, my official chip time was 28:20.  I am very pleased.  I was 141st overall for the women, 448th overall for everyone, and 22nd in my age group.  I really thought I had a chance to place in the "Athena" division, but I guess I didn't?  They didn't announce the 1st-3rd place times, just the women's names, so I don't have anything to compare it to.  Regardless, I am happy with my first time out there and I do still have a goal for a better time on the next run.

Ashley, that Dam Bridge run sounds tough!  I have my next 6 weeks of training all "mapped out", but I checked to see if there were any other runs that I could do in the next couple weeks and nothing sparked my interest.  There is one on July 16th, but that is supposed to be my off day and I really want to do this training schedule.  I've already written it - IN PEN - on my calendar, so there's no point trying to change anything.  Ha, ha, ha.  I will just have to settle for waiting till August 13th's Tomato Fest Run to check my "new time".  I think I will set a goal of finishing in 27 minutes or less. 

Did I already mention the stakes on here?  Based on today's time we will both choose our own goal for a mid-August 5K.  (Have you found one yet, Ash?)  Whoever doesn't meet their goal will pay the other's registration fee for the Cotton Pickin' Festival 5K we are meeting at in September! 

Well, we had a really big fun-packed weekend over here and I am feeling the effects.  I do want to say, the run was really exciting.  I loved the change from my usual routine of running alone...running in a pack was cool!  I enjoyed hearing others breathing heavy (I am forever worried I breathe "weird"), I let out a little cheer at Mile 1, and it was super cool to see all those people at the finish line cheering for everyone.  I am looking forward to getting more of these races "under my belt".  A sweet friend of mine ran, too, and she actually placed first in her age group, 6th overall!!  I was so impressed and it was really motivating and encouraging for me to know she was there, running the same route I was on, and would be smiling at the finish line.  I think I will have to ask more people to come to the next one to cheer me on! 

Quick food note - I allowed myself to enjoy the birthday weekend, but I am still under my allotted points.  Yay! 

Have a great night!


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