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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 21: Day 7 (contest question!)

Hey!!  No blogging today about diet and exercise.  I promised some more ways to enter the contest, so here is today's question...

What is your favorite magazine and why?

I received my first issue of Runner's World magazine yesterday (maybe a couple days ago?) and I just got around to reading it today.  Love it!!!  It is the most motivating magazine I have ever read.  The articles and the tips and the pictures...everything just made me want to bust out my front door and run like Forrest Gump!!  Awesome!  It has also further solidified my "theory" that running is one of the most spiritual acts you can engage in.  The way people describe their runs and their feelings...it is just so beautiful and truly inspiring.  I want to feel that way!  I do feel that way!  I want it some more!!

**I will interject a small announcement, however, blog-related.  I had an awesome visit from some old friends I haven't seen in about 7 years today.  They live in Texas (we all met in Kansas), so this was their first time meeting my husband and kiddos...I got to meet two of their kids for the first time, as well.  The husband/dad is LJ and he has challenged me to a bit of a weight loss race!!  We both got up on the scale and have agreed on a 30 pound "duel".  First one to 30 pounds gets to host a 3 or 4 day visit from the LOOOOSER (and family).  :)  It's totally a win/win.  Losing weight and a guaranteed second visit (whether here or there).  I do recognize it is quite challenging to go up against a MALE's weight loss, but I am happy to go there.  Especially because that will mean he has lost 30 pounds!  His wife told me he will likely just not eat for a while so he can drop the weight super fast and "win".  This led us to the rule that we have to maintain the loss (or lose more) for 7 days to be declared winner.  On the scale this afternoon, he was at 248.5 and I showed 195.5.  I guess whenever one of us can get the scale to show a weight of 30 pounds less than today's showing, we will start the 7 day countdown.  Fun!!

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  1. I tried to reply to your email...but for some reason it says invalid email address? I will try again later.

    I'm following your blog... look forward to getting to know you!


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