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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Good morning!!  I just wanted to quickly post a little something.  First things first - come on people, sign up for the Slim Fast whatever-I-called-it!  I can't remember right now and I have 3.2 seconds free, so no time to look.  Is it just the Slim Fast challenge?  Boo if it is.

In any case, I don't want to call people out publicly, but there are a couple of sweet, beautiful, dear friends I specifically am looking to hear from...you know who you are!!!  C'mon.  15 days.  That would equal out to 5 boxes of the Slim Fast shakes.  Or you could even use the Wal-Mart brand!  You can be anonymous...even pick out a fun code name?  That sounds awesome.  It's all about percentage lost...in 15 days!  Way too many people tell me on a daily basis they are really wanting to get started and this is the perfect time!!!  Plus, Slim Fast is truly the EASIEST plan. 

Okay, here's how to contact me.  Comment here (and please make a note if you don't want your comment published, I review all comments before they actually get posted), Facebook message me, aldunkle@msn.com, smoke signals.  I think the acceptance signal should be 2 big puffs and 8 small ones?  DO IT!!!  We will begin Sunday, which I admit i'm totally not looking forward to after my plans for Saturday, but I plan to eat my 500-calories in the morning and Slim Fast shake it the rest of the day.  Just a little hint for someone reading who may be in a similar situation on Sunday....   wink, wink.

I'm not saying any of you need to lose weight.  You are beautiful.  Stunning, in fact.  I just want a friendly competition to get my gears back....in.......gear.  Sigh.  :)  You get it.  You know what I mean. 

The End. 

P.S.  I have a doctor's appointment today and I plan to ask for my blood work to be done as a comparison to a year ago when I was borderline diabetic! 

BYE!  xoxo

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