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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Follower Challenge!

I have a proposition for you.  Yes, you. 

Please answer these questions (out loud is fine, but try to remember your surroundings):  Do you want to lose weight?  Do you have more than 50 pounds you want to drop?  Are you truly ready to begin your personal weight loss journey??

If your answers to these questions are "YES", then please seriously consider my challenge...

I have hit a plateau.  It seems like no matter what I do, I continue to see 190 on the scale.  Granted, I have seen 188.5, and a couple days it has shown 191, but let's just average it all out to stupid 190.  Ugh.  My true point to this blog was to try different diets and discuss them so Joe Consumer could visit my blog and get an honest "review" from a real person who had been there.  Luckily and fortunately (and awesomely) I have lost quite a bit of weight through my trials!  The only unfortunate point to this is that the diet "jump starts" don't seem to be working anymore.  Not that I'm going to do anything drastic, but I really, really like this 2 weeks jump start from Jackie Warner's book (This is why you're fat) and it is not doing anything for me.  I truly think this is due to the fact she is used to dealing with people coming off of eating all crap and this meal plan shocks their system.  Let me quickly make one point - I am NOT quitting this meal plan.  I will give it the full 2 weeks and I will give her "life time" plan 2 weeks.  I will continue to blog about how it does (and doesn't) affect me.

Here's where YOU come in.  I need someone else (preferably who has at least 50 pounds to lose, and hasn't been doing any real dieting recently) to do this diet for/with me.  All I am asking for is someone who will commit to at least the 2 week Jump Start.  It is so easy, truly.  You can either choose to be a co-author on the blog during your 2 weeks, or just "report" to me and I can relay your thoughts.  You can choose to be anonymous (to everyone but me), you can choose to not report your actual weight - maybe just how many pounds you want to lose.  We can cater this to you and your comfort level. 

First one to respond and truly "sign up" will receive the following:
     *  2 boxes of oatmeal to get you through your Jump Start!
     *  Since the book doesn't belong to me, I can't give it away, but I will photocopy all of the pages dedicated to the Jump Start for you. 
     *  1 box of decaf green tea
     *  1 container of Whey Protein for your shakes.

What a great deal, right??  I really, really need you to think before you respond.  Are you willing to DO this?  Are you willing to write truthfully and honestly and really, really try to follow this plan??  Think about it.  It's 2 freakin' weeks.  What can't you do for just 2 measly short weeks??  Make sure you check your calendar.  However, the awesome part about this jump start is that you don't have to deny yourself the foods you want.  Just add in the ones she tells you to eat. 

If you're considering it and have any questions, write to me.  ALDUNKLE@msn.com  or message me on Facebook.  Or post a comment...your question may be a question someone else has and is too afraid to ask!  Or call me. 



  1. I am 100% interested.....do you ship to Canada?......lol

    I still have lots to lose and I have been on a plateau for a month and it's really frustrating, so I am always looking for something new. 2 weeks is really a cake walk if you think about it.

    Let me know!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the results!!!


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