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Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 23: Day 1

Good morning!

Wow.  It is Week 23?  That's pretty darn cool to me.  So, I guess I have 17 weeks left to lose 29-39 pounds?  29 would put me at my original 80 pounds goal...39 would be to my altered goal.  Wait, no.  It was 189.5 this morning (grrrr)...that is 49 pounds.  So, 31 pounds to original goal.  39.5 to altered goal.

Sorry for the written out math...it's still kinda early.  Even if I did run this morning...my brain is still on "normal time".  Ha, ha.

I don't have much to say today, but I wanted to announce I have a Challenger!!  Well, maybe that's not the right word.  She's not challenging ME...she's challenging her weight, though.  So, yeah, we'll still call her...."THE CHALLENGER".  It looks better in italics. 

Introducing Bonnie from Fat-Be-Gone.  Her blog is fantastic and funny and she is as real as they come.  She is also Canadian.  Not sure why that's important, but I just felt you should know.  :)  Check out her blog, feel free to become a "follower", and we will do more introduction when she gets her goodie box and is ready to begin her 14-day Jump Start!  Yaaaaayyyy, Bonnie!!

Judging from the photos on Facebook, Ashley appears to be enjoying her vacation.  I'm so jealous.

Well, as I mentioned above the scale showed 189.5 today.  My run went well and I did weigh AFTER the run and with wet hair...sorry.  Total joke.  I love making excuses when there isn't any need.  I will continue on this 14 day "journey"...maybe I will not weigh until after the 14th day?  Today is day 6.  I'll post a pic of the scale on the morning of July 27.  THEN, we will get back to Monday weigh-ins.  I love keeping you all on your toes!

I was thinking I don't seem to post much about my adventures with the kids these days...it's not because we don't have any, but it has been so hot outside, we really have been kind of sticking with the indoors lately.  Today, however, we will be heading out to the Smyrna Splash Pad, so I'll get some cute pics there and then we will go have lunch with my sweet grandfather. 
I guess I should go.  :)  I did want to say one more quick thing, though.  I downloaded a new "album" last night on iTunes.  It's 50 Praise & Worship songs re-vamped (right word?) to be workout music!  It was super cool to run to this morning!!!  It was kind of amusing at first, but definitely kept me pumped and reminded me of WHO was the real reason I am succeeding with my weight loss and fitness goals.  Awesome.



  1. CHALLENGER here.....I just wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity to be a part of this.....
    I am so excited, and I can't wait to start blogging to all your readers....

    Look out people I'm Canadian.....we aren't all rainbows & bunny lovers....hahahahaha

  2. Your baby girl is adorable! I really have to catch up on my reading to learn more about the 14 day challenge. Praise and Worship music is good to workout too. Sometimes it gets me so engrossed in the messages that I forget I'm working out. :)

  3. LJ's weight today was ....... 239.2


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