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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week Sixteen: Day Two

I am nervous, nervous, nervous to weigh in tomorrow.  I gotta be honest...I am losing steam.  Yes, the month of June is a new month!  New goals!  New competition!  However, today is still May.  I have not been a huge fan of May, 2011.

Today's gripes include a minimally (if at all) working A/C in the house, my van which is currently at the Firestone Complete Auto Care getting it's oil changed, and the 90+ degree weather outside.  Oh, and the no school day.  Oh, and I. Am. Hungry.  No...let's keep it honest.  Not hungry - BORED.  Utterly bored.  However, this boredom is a lot like when I was bored in my teens...there is plenty for me to do.  I just don't want to do it.  The more I move around the house, the higher my body temp seems to rise...this is the best excuse for sitting on my butt all day I have ever heard!  The boys are watching a movie, Zoe is taking a (very early) nap, and I am hiding out in my bedroom with the computer, just watching the minutes tick by...and I do mean minutes.  How slowly time passes when all you want is for it to be tomorrow!!  Better yet - I can hardly wait for Thursday!

I guess I should start with dealing with today, though.  So, here's the deal.  Today I will eat my allotted calories, drink my allotted Slim Fast shakes, and drink my required water.  I will walk to Firestone when Shaun gets home (1.3 miles), rather than hitch a ride with someone.  I will NOT step on the scale until tomorrow morning.  I will not beat myself up for having a couple (maybe few) off days this past month. 

Let's see if I can drum up a little excitement for June, though...I did work up my month plan this morning!  First three days will be Slim Fast because I have some left over and I cannot go grocery shopping until Thursday.  The 4th through the 20th will be the 17-day diet.  I have bookmarked the important parts in my Kindle book and I will eat exactly what they suggest for the first 17 days.  At the end of these days, I will decide whether to continue with "Cycle 2" of the 17-day-diet, or switch it up to Special K for the final 10 days of the month.  I am setting my own personal goal of 10 pounds for the month.  This may go up based on tomorrow's weight, but I want my goal to be less than 190 by July.  Technically, based on my original goal and number of weeks, I could weigh 208 and still be on track.  Wow.  I hadn't done the math before right now...

That does fire me up!!  That is awesome!!!  To think I have actually SEEN the 190's already is just flat out fantastic!!  Rock on, sister Audrey.  You have come far.  You are wearing clothes you couldn't even squeeze into 4 months ago.  You are run/walking over 2 miles in under 30 minutes three times a week!!  You are well on your way to meeting Goal #1 of 80 pounds AND Goal #2 of completing a 1/2 marathon!!  Do it.  Not only for yourself and your family, but for the sweet friends and acquaintances reading here and cheering you on.  YEEEEHAW!!!

Yeah, this post ended differently than I thought it would, but I think this is much better.  :)


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