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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week Eleven: Day Seven

I cannot believe the third month is almost over.  Awesome!

Good morning!!

I am sure I'm not the first "blogger" to discover how much their children REALLY pay attention and mimic their actions, but I wanted to share a cute picture...

I promise this was NOT staged.  This is lunchtime last week...they all told me what they wanted (they LOVE cereal, no matter what time of day) and then ran to get their "laptops"!  Conner even brought the extra one out for Zoe.  Cuties.

Okay, so back to the dieting!  It's truly going great.  This week my parents were in town and I don't know what kind of "trigger" that is, but I really wanted to eat!  Like, all day!  They don't stress me out or frustrate me at all, so it was kind of strange to discover.  Truth be told, when I had gestational diabetes, being around my parents made my blood sugars low, so my doctor said I must be very NOT stressed around my family.  It was fun to eat what I wanted around them and not worry about what my sugars were going to test!  So, I'm not sure if just being happy and relaxed makes me want to snack?  Either way, I did fine - even made a pizza for the kids and kept "visiting" it, but also demanded to my mom and dad that they eat the leftovers.  Ha, ha! 

FOOD/DRINK:  Still only doing water and a cup of coffee in the morning.  My dad was asking me why I wasn't drinking any Crystal Light or anything like that, but I really am not craving it at all!  I just figure there is no need to drink anything other than water if I'm not missing it, right?  On Thursday I delivered magazines and it was a FULL day of delivering...started at 9:30 and still had a couple more stops to complete when I picked up the boys at 3:00.  Whew.  It is really fun, though.  It is my quiet time to myself to concentrate on working hard (lifting sometimes 4-5 bundles at a time=80-100 magazines!) and thinking through stuff...my close friends and husband know to expect lots of texts and phone calls on delivery day because I figure all sorts of things out with all that time to think!  I didn't want to be stopping every half hour to pee, so I only drank 2 glasses (20 ounces each) of water that morning.  I was THIRSTY when I got home that evening!!  I also took the kids to the park after school, so didn't get to my third "glass" until 6!  That was completely unintentional.  Food-wise, I am thinking I will get back to eating my meal at lunchtime.  I enjoy eating dinner with the family, but our dinners are getting later and everyone is enjoying playing outside or at the neighbor's house so much that it ends up being a grab and go type of deal anyway...or I set out the plates of food and they "graze", dropping by the table between fights or whatever is on tv or whoever "cool" is outside.  It's interesting around here!

EXERCISE:  I went for a long walk yesterday with Zoe in the stroller.  There is a HUGE hill not far from my house and we went up it!  Then I noticed another HUGE(er) hill off of that one and we went up that one, too!!  I was a little tired and wobbly at the top, but felt quite accomplished!  The walk down, interestingly, was kind of hard, too.  The steepness and concentrating on not falling and trying to make sure I didn't let go of the stroller was tricky.  I think all in all the walk covered a distance of 1.7 miles (just measured at http://www.geodistance.com/) and it took me 40 minutes, but I defend my time by reminding you of the HUGE HILLS!  Ha, ha. 

TIPS/ISSUES:  Truly my only issue has been the desire to snack.  It has always been my "go-to" stress reliever, or happy enhancer, I guess!  I just love food and the tastes...when something tastes good I just want to keep enjoying that!  I have learned to not try (yet) to control my portions.  If I know something is yummy and not great for me and high in calories, I just choose to not have any rather than try to have a little.  It is what works for me now...I hope to "cure" that in the future. 

So, I need to run, but I have a quick story to share!  It brightened my day considerably and I hope it will provide someone with the knowledge that YOU CAN DO IT!!!  The rewards are so much more than just the feeling better!!

I literally have two seconds to try to type this...the gist is a good friend who I used to see quite regularly, particularly when I was pregnant with Zoe and directly afterwards, hadn't seen me in a few months.  I ran into her yesterday and she DIDN'T RECOGNIZE ME!  I wish I had longer to hang with her and chat, but I was in a huge hurry (story of my life). 


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