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Monday, May 2, 2011

Week Twelve: Day One

Good morning!!

Well...3 and a half more pounds gone!!!  This brings my total since beginning this endeavor to 36.5 pounds.  Woooohoooooo!!!!

FOOD: Yesterday I was good.  I was concentrating on being good.  Even though I made carrot cupcakes for my family and the neighbors, spinach calzones for the neighbors, fish sticks (a weird, but very real weakness of mine!) for the kids...it was rough going, but I definitely felt way better about the scale being so low this morning than I would have felt if I had indulged.  WAY better.  I saved a calzone for myself for lunch today, so I have that to look forward to.  This morning I had my first bowl of the Special K Chocolatey Delight and I am definitely NOT a fan.  Yuck.  I will have to go buy another box of something else...the "chocolate" doesn't even turn the milk brown!  It coated my mouth with some sort of a nasty film and was hard to chew and I ended up with a lot of it as my last bite.  Bleah.  I love the Vanilla Almond and Fruit and Yogurt styles.  Mmmm.  Cinnamon Pecan was tasty, but not with any fruit added.  Too weird of a flavor, I guess. 

I forgot to mention something in yesterday's post.  Shaun and I have been having some "tummy issues" lately and I decided we would try the Activia Challenge!  Shaun started Saturday and I started Sunday, so I will be letting you know how that goes.  No worries...I'll keep it "clean".  Ha, ha.  So far I feel no real difference, but I'm not sure what exactly the "difference" we should be feeling is??  I am eating healthier than i have in a long, long time, so I would expect to be more "regular", but I am also eating fewer calories and my sister (who has her bachelor's in nutrition) said I may be burning all the calories in other ways and there isn't much left for my body to digest.  Or something along those lines...we'll see.  After our first week of eating the yogurt once a day, I will add a quote from Shaun each day on how he is feeling.  :)

There will be other news two weeks from today, but I'm not sure who reads this so the news will wait until then.  Stay tuned!

EXERCISE:  Took yesterday off.  We had church, and then I ran to Harris Teeter to take advantage of the super double coupons one more time!  After naps, the kids played outside while I did all the aforementioned cooking!  I know running around my kitchen doesn't count as exercise, but I sure was exhausted by the time the kiddos got into bed last night.  I also attribute a little of that to this new book a friend recommended.  It's called Born to Run and he said it really motivated him to get into the marathon circuit...it's not doing that for me just yet, but I really am enjoying the "story".  It's tiring, though, reading about all the 100-mile marathons and sprints up mountains and through canyons...I would imagine I'm dreaming about it, as well, but I haven't been remembering any dreams lately.  Sleeping too hard!

I hope everyone has a great day!! 


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  1. So amazing - you are well on your way to a lifestyle change which is the only way to maintain good eating habits. I'm sorry we passed along the fat genes!


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