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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week Twelve: Day Three

Good morning!!!  I am having a fabulous day already...wanna know why?

Well, let's start with the step on the scale being thisclose to under the 200's.  Then...drumroll please...I am very frustrated with all of my pants these days because I can't even put anything in my pocket without them falling to the ground.  I mean this literally.  SO, against my "better judgment" I once again tried on THE pants that prompted me to get serious about losing weight.  THE pants that I couldn't even get the button and button-hole to come together at the beginning.

THEY FIT!!!  And I don't just mean they fit because I sucked in.  These pants FIT.  They look great!!  I am so excited to leave the house today and just flaunt my butt in some size 16's.  Ha, ha, ha. 

I will tell you something.  I love this dieting.  I love this blog.  I love having people out there who hold me accountable and rejoice with me when things are going well.  LOVE IT! 

...and back to reality.  The children are yelling from the living room their "requests" for "MORE BREAD!"  One of the twins apparently attempted to hang himself with the mini-blinds yesterday so he has a large scab across his neck covered with a SpongeBob band-aid.  The littlest two are laying in the living room under blankets watching some cartoon. 

FOOD/DRINK:  I have been out of coffee for a couple of days.  This may have resulted in a pretty bad headache last night - or it could have been the kids.  Who knows?  So, just water yesterday.  Special K going well!  Yesterday for lunch I ate the night before's dinner - Chicken-Broccoli Alfredo (recipe below)  Yum, yum.  I have to admit, Zoe and I visited my grandfather yesterday and he kept pushing chocolate-chip cookies on her...I had 2.  They were small, but they were still cookies.  I justified it mentally by reminding myself I didn't bring an afternoon snack.  Ha, ha.  Anyway, picked up the boys at 3 and headed home.  This is about when that headache kicked in.  I don't know much (anything) about caffeine, so I'm not sure if it makes sense that I could have the headache that late in the day?  Anyone know?  Bowl of cereal for dinner.

EXERCISE:  Due to the timing of my grandfather's visit, I took Zoe downtown to the library for storytime right after dropping off the boys at school.  I brought the stroller and planned to take her for a walk after storytime around downtown.  The rain had other plans, so I put her in the stroller and began to walk the parking garage.  It was kind of fun for me, but apparently not so much for Zoe.  She began to squirm at 10 minutes, but I continued walking.  At 18 minutes she was SO done.  I got back to the car at exactly 20 minutes after beginning my walk.  At least we did walk up and down the different levels and I really tried to maintain a quicker pace than a leisurely walk...I didn't find another opportunity throughout the day to do more walking.  I have a walking "date" planned for tomorrow and there is no rain in the forecast! 

TIPS/ISSUES:  I just love this Special K diet.  I love the results I am seeing.  I wish I could give everyone in the world the motivation to JUST TRY!  I was telling my sister the other day about everytime I encounter someone who is overweight, I just want to hug them and tell them, you don't HAVE to eat like this!  When I see people walking out of a McDonald's, I just want to yell at them!  I don't want to sound self-righteous, and I realize I totally do.  The thing is, I had to get right in some other areas before I got serious about this.  I mean, I've been complaining about my weight since Zoe was born.  Shoot - since before she was even conceived!  She is 18 months old now, stopped nursing at 10 months...I dragged my feet for 14 months, looking in the mirror in disgust.  Eating everything in sight.  Using fast food as the easy way to not have to cook every day.  Using fast food on days I was out and about and just didn't have the "time" to head home for lunch.  I had every excuse you can think of!!!  I even got to the point of justifying things with God...well, God loves me no matter what I look like.  While this is, of course, true, I also feel God would want me to be happy with myself.  Happy and confident.  I have been wanting to share my testimonial for a long, long time, but have not had the confidence to get up and speak in front of others.  I don't know if I'm there yet, but this weight loss is certainly helping.  God wants me to share His love with others and I was absolutely NOT going to do this without losing some weight and getting happy with ME first.  I am still working with myself mentally and really exploring WHY I'm turning to food, WHY I am wanting to snack...I'm sure I should be talking to a professional about this, but I think my close friends are doing a pretty good job.  Not to mention my husband! 

Okay, end of my soap box rant...we are having a pb & j situation.  Yep, even at 8:00 am.  Ha!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Chicken-Broccoli Alfredo
1/2 of 16 ounce package of linguine (we only had fettucine, same diff!)
2 c fresh broccoli florets
2 T butter
1.5+ pound package boneless chicken breast, cubed
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup (only had cream of potato...mmmmm!)
1/2 c milk
1/2 c grated Parmesan
1/4 t pepper

Prepare linguine per package directions, adding broccoli for last 4 minutes.  Drain.  Cook chicken in melted butter in skillet (use a large skillet! I used 10" and ended up having to transfer everything to the pot I cooked the pasta in) until well browned.  Add soup, milk, cheese, pepper, and linguine "mix".  Heat, stirring occasionally, until hot and bubbly.  Garnish with additional Parmesan, if desired. 

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