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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week Thirteen: Day Two

Good morning!!  We got up a little early today for some reason?  I could so curl back up in bed!!

Yesterday was a good day...in fact, a GREAT day!  I met up with a good friend I haven't seen in quite a while and our kids (6 total) were actually VERY well-behaved at the park.  It was so nice to be able to catch up and only occasionally have to redirect the kids or (once) deal with a bumped noggin.  When we got home, ALL four of my kiddos took a nap, and I was able to just relax.  Then, our afternoon was outdoors practicing riding 2-wheelers with no training wheels (yep, even the 3 1/2 year olds!), and dinner went great.  Now I am just a little nervous for today because we all know 2 great days in a row are rare...ha, ha.

FOOD:  Yesterday was not so bad, food-wise.
7:30 – Activia (80)
8:00 – coffee with splenda, one slice toasted protein bread (45)
10:00 – some carrots
11:45 – container of ham (240), rest of carrots
2:00 – container of turkey (240), one sliced tomato
3:45 – few watermelon chunks
6:45 – fish (80), spinach leaves, slice toasted protein bread (45)
The numbers are the calorie counts for each thing, except the fruit and vegetables.  I was just checking...it is not a part of the Scarsdale Diet to count your calories.  I love math.  Ha!  I drank all my water, as well.

EXERCISE:  Nothing yesterday, but today I have a walking date scheduled (after being twice REscheduled due to my chaotic life!) with a friend.  My plan is let Zoe play on the playground for a bit, then we will walk while she eats and (hopefully) naps.  I took Ashley's advice (comment on yesterday's post) and printed out the Couch to 5K program...I would like to start this today, but that may depend on how the walk goes this morning.  If I'm feeling up to it tonight, I will head out after dinner.

TIPS/ISSUES:  Truly, I wasn't too hungry yesterday.  The early afternoon (while the kids were napping) was a little bit rough-going...it usually is.  When the house is quiet and I'm chilling, it just seems so perfect to open up a bag of chips or snack on some cheese and crackers!  I stuck with the allowed cold cuts and drank water, water, water.  I know I've mentioned before how much I like spinach leaves, well they were very helpful with dinner last night.  Also, I was concerned about the "protein bread" (Pepperidge Farm, Light Style, 7 Grain) with no butter or margarine or anything, but it tastes pretty good!  I dipped it in my coffee in the morning, and then sort of stacked the spinach and fish on top at dinner. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  The temps are supposed to reach 90 today around here...maybe time to invest in a kiddie pool for the yard!


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