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Friday, May 20, 2011

Week Fourteen: Day Five

Good morning! 

Well, so much for posting at night!  I don't know why I feel the need to explain things here...4 kids = unpredictable days and nights.  The End.

FOOD:  I will be happy to be done with this Scarsdale Diet, but I will also admit I am a little nervous to switch things up when it's going quite well!  I am bored to death with the food, but maybe I needed that to get my mind focused on other things.  I believe I will go back to Slim Fast for a week or two.  Shaun's new job is too far from home for him to eat lunch here, so he is wanting his lunch packed.  I have no interest in getting up early enough to pack something, so I think I will fix large dinners for a week with enough leftovers for both of us to have lunch the following day.  I'm going to follow my E-Mealz plan for the week!  There is a little sale on Special K, so I might even do one week Slim Fast and one week Special K to finish out this month.

**Quick note:  For those who have pledged (and you have the option of doing this at any time!), I didn't give any instructions at the end of the last 4 weeks, so we will combine last month with this month.  Last month's total loss was 7.5 pounds, so far everyone has pledged $1, so this would be $7.50 per person.  If you want to go ahead and donate that amount NOW, you can go here and donate in my "honor".  OR, you are welcome to send/give a check to me and I will make the donation.  OR, you can wait until Week Seventeen: Day One, I will provide the link again and you can choose from the two options I mentioned!

EXERCISE:  Walked 2.5 miles with a friend yesterday, pushing strollers and stopping on occasion to please a baby or toddler!  Ha, ha.  It was nice and relaxing, but no less exercise!!  I didn't pay attention to the time.  I will go for my 3rd walk/run this evening.  We have a pretty big weekend planned, but I really hope to get out for Week 3's day 1 on Sunday morning. 

I hope you all have a great day!!  We are having family pictures taken tomorrow by a sweet friend from church, and I am headed out to buy something beautiful and new and SMALL!  Well, probably still size "Large", but definitely without XXX's in front!  Ha, ha. 


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