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Friday, May 27, 2011

Week Fifteen: Day Five

Boo for no posts!!  Sorry, sorry.  I have been keeping track of things on SparkPeople to keep myself accountable, but there just hasn't seemed like enough time to blog!! 

I do notice a difference in my attitude towards everything when I don't get on here and recap, though, so I am ignoring a whiny Henry to just update quickly!!  (no worries, he is fine.  just loves to whine)

Well, I have been discouraged by an apparent plateau I have hit.  I keep reminding myself of how far I have come in a short time and how the loss is more likely to stay gone if I do it "slowly" and I am making a true lifestyle change rather than just losing vanity pounds to look good.  All of these things are great, but there is still that small part of my mind that says, "Hey, you were losing 3-4 pounds a week, what must you be doing wrong now?!?"  Grr to you, small part of my mind.  Ha, ha.

I am still doing the combo Slim Fast/Special K meal plan.  It is fun to have something different to look forward to at night, rather than just another shake or meal bar.  Also, there is something truly satisfying about eating a bowl of cereal.  This may come from the times I had gestational diabetes and cereal used to shoot my sugars WAY high, so I wasn't "allowed" to eat it.  I'm getting back at those doctors now!!  Isn't it a little ridiculous the way our minds can work sometimes? 

I have been following the E-Mealz plan for this week, but haven't had any recipes to share because they gave me some really basic stuff this week!  Pizza one night (hawaiian bacon bbq) and meatball sandwiches last night.  I did make breaded tilapia two nights ago and the kids actually ate it - success!!  Even Shaun liked it and he has always sworn he doesn't eat fish...unless it is "grilled by my father-in-law" (yes, meaning MY dad). 

I will do my third workout of Week 3 on C25K this evening.  Yesterday was magazine delivery day, so I concentrated on tightening my stomach as I got in and out of the car, and tried to carry an equal amount of magazines in each arm.  Ha, ha.  i was definitely worn out last night, so it must have burned something

I am so excited next week is JUNE!!!  Zoe will start attending the boys' Parents Day Out on Thursdays, so I will be solo one day a week.  What on earth will I do with myself?  Ha, ha.  Plenty, trust me.  I have on the calendar Spring Cleaning Day for the 2nd, the 9th is Closet Clean Up 2011 at church...after that, I will hopefully be starting some volunteer work at either Siloam Family Health Center or The Next Door.  Or both!  These are two organizations that have truly touched my heart recently and I am sincerely looking forward to helping them in any way I am able. 

I am also hoping to start a tradition for the summer of Thursday Night Dinners here at my house!  I need to do some more planning, so it may not start until July, but I am really excited about the idea forming in my head!  More to come...

Pray for me as I try to think of something entertaining to do with these very energetic children today!  Have a great one,


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