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Monday, May 9, 2011

Week Thirteen: Day One (weigh day)

Good morning! 

And so ends another 4 weeks of my journey...a less successful four weeks, but I guess I really need to be looking at the BIG picture, right?

RECAP:  Week one of this month I continued the Right Size smoothies.  I really liked those and continued to like them, but I ran out one day early of 14 days.  I began the cabbage soup diet and lasted until day 7, but really hit a mini-"rock bottom" and indulged in a bit of a "cheat day".  For Easter.  Ha, ha.  Refreshed after that day, I began 2 full weeks of the Special K diet.  I was going strong and quite happy, but discovered I didn't like the final box of cereal I had and had to find a substitution that was already in the house.  I'm not sure if this mentally got me off track somehow, or if it was all the compliments and Mother's Day "festivities"...I have to confess I was baaaaaaddd this weekend.  I am fitting into some pants that wouldn't even button when I began this dieting, took some pictures I just loved (conceited!), and was receiving compliments from a lot of different people.  All of this allowed me to feel somewhat "relaxed"...add in a Girls Night Out for Mother's Day (hanging at a friend's house, so sort of girls night in), the planning for a new diet these next two weeks, and my 4 year old who has developed a new attitude I am NOT liking. 

Well, I don't have time to rehash everything, just know there was some alcohol involved, finger foods, chocolates, and a way too yummy lunch yesterday that I just couldn't stop eating! 

All of this to bring us to today.  I am beginning the Scarsdale Diet, recommended by a dear friend.  I will add the website to my Diets Used page, but I plan to post every morning with EXACTLY what I ate the day before.  For week one I will be making one small substitution because I am still in the Activia Challenge.  Breakfast every morning is supposed to include one fruit serving and I will be replacing this with my Activia Light. 

Here are the scale pictures over the last four weeks!!






(see the progression pictures "page" for this morning's shot in the brown pants/green shirt!)

Right Size smoothies resulted in 2.5 pounds lost in it's second week.  Cabbage soup diet and a cheat day resulted in 2 pounds lost.  Special K diet week one lost 3.5 pounds (no cheats), week two gained 1/2 pound (indulged). 

Overall, in 12 weeks, I have lost 36 pounds!!

I tried to redeem myself last night by going for a walk/run - I did 2 miles in 28 minutes!  My plan is to keep trying to beat my "best" time...maybe one more week of the 2 mile route and then I will add another mile next week?  The training I downloaded doesn't start until June 21st, so I am just trying to get comfortable with myself (and my SHOES!) before then. 

So, I am promising full disclosure EVERY morning for the next two weeks.  I will use this blog as my food diary...I remember the first few weeks of this journey when I would post every day with details, and I will be getting back to this.  It is important for my own accountability and this diet is pretty specific about what you can eat each day, so I think it will be helpful if someone is reading this to try the diet themselves!

Have a great day. 


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  1. Ashley Bombdizzle HudsonMay 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    Try Couch to 5k if you want to start running-I'm starting week 4 this week. It's an 8 week plan, and will protect you from overdoing it early on and quitting. Each workout is only 20-30 minutes, so it's an easy spin for you to fit in while Sean watches the little ones at night if you want! :)


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