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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

W16: D3 (June 1)

Good morning!!!  Like my new "hip" Title?  Ha, ha.  Only for this month...for the good ol'

Skinny Dippin' Rally!!!

To my pleasant surprise this morning I am down another 2 pounds...bringing last month's total to 7 pounds!!!  Let's start with the ADA pledges first this morning.  I have signed up for a Diabetes walk in November and would like for all pledges to go towards my fundraising goal of $200!  Please go HERE to make your donation for the past 2 months of loss.  When I started losing for the ADA I weighed 210.  As of today, all pledges I have are for $1 per pounds, so please click the link and donate your $14.50!  I will track you down if I have to...

;)  You know better.  This is total honor system, but please know it IS helping with my motivation! 

Moving on...it is the month of June!  I did hear my sister has been not returning my calls because she was doing some charity event in the middle of the woods over the weekend.  Awesome for her!!  I plan to get her on the phone at some point today and I already told my mom to get a picture of her on the scale as SOON as she sees her! 

For the past (almost) 4 weeks, I started with The Scarsdale Diet for the first 2 weeks.  Now that I am no longer doing it, I sort of miss it?  I find myself at the grocery store looking at the sale on lunchmeat (an allowed food) and almost considering going back!  It was very nice to have everything written down as far as what to eat and when.  Of course, while doing it, I was annoyed, but now I recognize how much easier it makes things!  That must be why Jenny Craig and NutriSystem work so well.  They send you (most of) the food and you just eat that.  No guessing, no checking labels, no "portion control".  I hate portion control. 

After 2 weeks of The Scarsdale Diet, I switched over to what I am currently doing - a combination of Slim Fast and Special K cereal.  I have enough Slim Fast leftover to complete today, tomorrow, and Friday, so I am going to do that and hit the grocery store on Thursday (while ALL the kids are at school!  Hooray!).  Saturday I will begin the 17-day-diet.  The book has specific menus written out, and I plan to follow these.  I am hoping this will be made easier by my plans to begin volunteering at a couple of places as much as possible while I have the four kids enrolled in one day a week over the summer.  (okay, the boys go two days a week, Zoe goes for one of those days due to space at the center)  Anyway, I am looking forward to having it written out for me and being easy.  I will continue on with my Couch to 5K program, but my actual half-marathon training begins on June 21st, so I am not totally sure how I will handle the overlap.  The training program I was planning to follow starts with running 3 minutes/walking 2 minutes, but by the time I am done with C25K, I should be running 30 minutes in a row.  The final day of my marathon training says I should run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute.  That doesn't seem "better"?  Anyone want to weigh in on this for me??

So, a couple more days of my sweet and easy Slim Fast/Special K, and then I will have new things to report and new foods to talk about!!

By the way, I did post a new picture on the Picture Progression page in a new outfit!  I explain under the picture, but the outfit I had picked out did not fit a couple weeks ago.  This morning I thought it looked pretty darn good.  Oops.  So, if anyone has any size 12/14 clothes they have lying around to donate, please send them my way.  I need some more goal clothes!!  Yes, I have full intentions of spending some $$$ when I reach my goal, but I am 45.5 pounds away from that and should be in all new sizes, right??  :)

Have a great day!


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