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Friday, June 24, 2011

W19: D5 (June 24)

Goooooood Morning!!!

I know I wasn't going to really count weights through the month, and this morning I even had Shaun look at the weight and enter it into Weight Watchers online!  However, he was too excited to let me get away with not looking...so I peeked and have officially reached the 50 pound mark today!!!  50 freakin' pounds.  Yeeeeee-Haw.  That is what my oldest son, Conner, weighs!  Who, by the way, will be 5 years old one week from today.  I love it.  I will not, however, say the time has flown.  It has absolutely not flown...it has, in fact, dragged at some (most) points.  I am very excited for him to reach this great age, though, and we will celebrate several times over the next week (or two!). 

Back to the diet and exercise stuff.  Ha, ha.  Well, I am loving Weight Watchers.  My good friend, Jess, called yesterday and we were discussing how much food it takes to reach your points each day!  Add to the already high points I am regularly allowed, there are "flex points" which add up to more than one whole's day points...then I get "activity points" every time I track my exercise!  Crazy.  It works, though!  2.5 pounds in less than a week of following their plan!  So, I'm not going to document my food here, but I am using WW online program to track points and activity.

Speaking of activity...I rocked week 7 of the Couch to 5K!!!  Three workouts of 25 minute runs (preceded by 5 minute warm up walk).  I know I wrote already about the treadmill run, but yesterdays run was even better!!  I went to the Y and ran the track, the Bellevue Y is 13 laps for a mile.  Lots of laps, but I really didn't want to get on the treadmill again.  I mentally decided I was going to just run the 25 minutes and see how far I could get, then I really wanted to see how much longer I would have to run to finish 3 miles.  As I was running (and counting) I got a little distracted with some thoughts...and lost count!!  I remembered having reached 26 (2 miles), but I realized I was holding up fingers for 30?  Couldn't remember running those 4 laps, so I kept counting from 30, but then I thought the numbers were getting kinda high considering my 25 minutes weren't up.  I subtracted 4 and the music ended right after I passed 38 laps!  Doing the math, that is at least 2.92 miles.  Yay!  I was feeling it, though.  My legs were super sore last night.  It could have been from the running, but I also went to the grocery store right afterwards (with a friend's 2 daughters aged 4 and 5 1/2) and then picked up my crazy crew and went through our usual afternoon/early evening busyness...it was, literally, 7 before I sat down.  Whew.

Anyway, I have a "sneaky" plan for Saturday's run.  I am going to leave the house by 6:30 and head out to the site of the 5K run Shaun and I are participating in on the 4th of July.  Week 8 is three 28 minute runs, so I plan to do my warm up walk somewhere near the starting line, then see how far I can get during my 28 minutes.  I am really, really hoping I can finish in that time!  Shaun has been talking awfully big about how good he's going to do next Monday in the race...I find it a little offensive since I have been working so hard to train and he does nothing.  He says playing hockey once a week is tougher than running "just 3 miles".  We'll see.  I honestly will be impressed if he does well, but I think he is going to be surprised at how not easy running outdoors for 20+ minutes can be!  Or maybe it is easy.  His strategy?  "All I have to do is pace myself with the guys my age, then sprint the final 100 yards!"  Sigh.  Stay tuned for the outcome!  By the way, I have entered the "Athena" category specifically for women who weigh 150 pounds or more...maybe I will place!  Ha, ha.

Have a great day!!


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