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Monday, June 20, 2011

W19: D1 (June 20)

Good morning!  Howdy!  Hola!  (We have been watching Diego a lot in this house)

Ha, ha.  Just wanted to quickly check in and let you know all is well.  I am revamping my "plan" for the next two weeks to finish off the month with a BANG!  Hopefully.  I'll just be honest with you about the weekend...well, Saturday in particular.  I started good and ended bad....sooooo bad.  It was, at the same time, soooo good!  A dear friend is moving to Birmingham and there was a going away party on Saturday night.  I am not sure what struck me in the early afternoon, but I went a little nuts with some Almond Windmill cookies from Trader Joe's.  They were ridiculously delicious.  Mmmmm.  So, after the cookies, I just figured it would be fine to blow the whole day totally and eat a big ol' cheeseburger at the cookout!  Oh, and some of Shannon's cheeseball.  I have been turning that thing down for months, and it was finally time to give it a whirl!  Definitely worth it.

All of that led to a very, very full belly...still even full at 7 am yesterday when I went out for my run!  I thought I would need to eat a little something before running, but one lick of the yogurt lid and my stomach turned.  I had some coffee and water and went out the door.  Yesterday's run was awesome...and awful.  Awful first because I decided to get back outdoors and run the track at the middle school again.  Every single quarter mile lap resulted in my thoughts of quitting.  "Just one more lap...just one more."  The only thought that got me through.  Awesome because I actually ended my 25 minutes at 2.625 miles!  Maintaining my pace from Friday - an indoor run on a flat track.  My outdoor track has an incline...and it's outside!  It may have only been 76 degrees, but it was still hotter than a nice air conditioned gym.  Whew!  Finished it and, once again, felt just fine after 1 minute of walking. 

Time to get back to the kiddos!  I believe we will go check out another "new YMCA" today...no running for me, but I really need to do my Bible study this week.  The kids need to play somewhere that I don't have to clean!  :)

Have a great day!!


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  1. I am so stinkin' proud of you...and envious all at the same time. I have little motivation about working out!! I do GREAT on the eating department during the week but it always ends with a bust by the weekend. After watching my brothers girlfriend complete the Music City Marathon I told myself by next year I wanted to run the half. I think the key is having a partner. Too bad we are 30+ miles apart!!! BUMMER!


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